Over 20 delicious and nourishing paleo iced coffees! Everything from mochas to lattes to dirty chais! You’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy. Even if you live where it’s not 90 degrees all the time, you probably still need a bunch of delicious iced coffee drinks to keep you going. Who doesn’t? All these delicious paleo iced coffees are healthy enough you can enjoy them without feeling guilty.

You’re welcome.

iced mocha

Iced Mocha from Living Chirpy

A few notes.

On milks. I say whatever floats your boat is good! Even if it’s raw cows or goats milk! I love both of them in my coffees, as well as my homemade coconut milk. Of course, I would caution against using soy or oat milk, due to the unhealthiness of them.

On sweeteners. Generally, I use honey for my sweetener needs. Some of these recipes may call for other sweeteners. Please know you can switch any of them out for whatever sweetener you use and love. For me it’s honey.

On creamers. A few of these recipes might call for a specific creamer. But usually they’re pretty interchangeable with whatever creamer product you like. Here are a few yummy dairy-free options, if you’re looking…

Dairy-Free Maple Coffee Creamer – This recipe from Delicious Obsessions totally knocked it out of the park for me. I got the maple flavoring I wanted without being heavy on the sweetness. Plus, I was able to use coconut milk to keep it dairy-free. If you can tolerate dairy, this works well with raw cream.

Hazelnut Vanilla Coffee Creamer – Have you looked at the ingredient list on those – holy moly… What is all that stuff? But what’s a girl to do when she really loves hazelnut flavored coffee and tea? Make this clean version from Delicious Obsessions at home!

Walnut Coffee Creamer – Thick, creamy, 100% dairy-free and packed with nutrition, this paleo and keto walnut coffee creamer is the perfect addition to your morning (or afternoon) pick-me-up! With only 2 ingredients, it’s super easy, too!

pumpkin iced coffee

Iced Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Haute & Healthy Living

On toppings. Some of the paleo iced coffees in this list are just plain. Which is great. But if you want plain with a little bit of fancy, some of these toppings are for you!

3-Ingredients Paleo Caramel Sauce – This paleo caramel sauce has a deep, rich flavor and thick, creamy texture. With only 3 ingredients, it’s easy to make and tastes delicious!

Easy Blender Caramel Sauce – Need a quick topping for any dessert or coffee? This easy blender caramel sauce boasts only 2 ingredients and takes only a couple minutes to make.

Coconut Whipped Cream – This coconut whipped cream is the perfect easy sub for regular whipped cream! With only 2 ingredients – giving you a paleo/GAPS or keto option – you’ll be putting it on everything.

Now on to the paleo iced coffees….

20+ paleo iced coffees from raiasrecipes.com

Paleo Iced Coffees

Golden Milk Iced Coffee – Full of anti-inflammatory benefits and nutrients your body needs, this golden milk iced coffee is a delicious way to enjoy two amazing drinks in one – golden milk and coffee!

Protein Coffee – Say hello to your new favorite breakfast hack. This easy protein coffee recipe from Prepare & Nourish packs in over 20 grams of protein and made in 5 minutes! 

Iced Dirty Maple Chai – Creamy and cooling, this delicious iced dirty maple chai is the perfect drink for summer! With the addition of a fresh egg yolk, it boasts minerals and nutrients normal dirty chais don’t have. Double win!

Healthy Paleo Frappuccino – Coffee-lovers rejoice! This easy, healthy paleo frappuccino is perfect for anyone needing a tasty pick-me-up. It comes in plain, mocha or peppermint and is perfectly safe for the full GAPS Diet and keto too!

coconut milk thai iced coffee

Easy Thai Iced Coffee from What Great Grandma Ate

Banana Nut Butter Herbal Frappe – Cutting back on caffeine? You don’t have to give up your frappes! This delicious paleo banana nut butter frappe is a perfect herbal sub!

Ice Caramel Macchiato – This iced caramel macchiato from Eat Beautiful is the real food version of that famously delicious coffee drink. Refined sugar-free, make yours without dairy, or with dairy. Enjoy this super fast, creamy, naturally sweetened recipe that hits the spot.

Homemade Cold Brew CoffeeDiscover how to make cold brew coffee at home without any fancy equipment with this how-to from The Forked Spoon! It’s so easy, and you’ll never have to worry about bitter or watered-down iced coffee again.

Matcha CoffeeThis matcha coffee from Texanerin Baking is creamy, well-balanced, and the perfect pick-me-up for mornings and afternoons. It’s made with a handful of staple ingredients plus matcha for a naturally green drink.

yolky caramel macchiato

Yolky Caramel Macchiato from Raia’s Recipes

Easy Herbal Iced Coffee – Need to go caffeine free, but still want the comforting taste of coffee? Give this easy herbal coffee recipe a try. There are only two ingredients needed, and it’s good for you, too!

Copycat Dunkin’ Donuts Cold BrewNothing like freshly made ice coffee or a coffee cold brew. This version from Pam’s Daily Dish is the most simple recipe where you can add in any flavorings and creamers or, have one as is. That’s the way I love a cold brew or ice coffee. Straight up and bold. It’s so delicious.

Strawberry LatteThis strawberry latte from Texanerin Baking is a smooth and refreshing coffee drink made with a 3-ingredient strawberry sauce, your choice of milk, maple syrup, and vanilla.

Coffee SmoothieStart off your morning on the right foot with this delicious, refreshing coffee smoothie from Living Chirpy! With a just a few easy ingredients, this fantastic drink can be made in just 5 minutes. Please note, that while this list is *paleo iced coffees,* this smoothie does contain peanut butter. Feel free to sub almond butter instead! It will be just as delicious.

strawberry latte

Strawberry Latte from Texanerin

Easy Iced MochaThis is a super simple, but incredibly addictive and easy iced mocha recipe from Living Chirpy. Rich chocolate coffee flavor “on the rocks”!

Iced Yolky Caramel Macchiato – Love caramel macchiatos but needing a more nourishing option? Let me introduce you to this amazing ice yolky caramel macchiato! It’s packed with minerals, vitamins, and protein and is oh so creamy and delicious! You’ll never look back….

Iced Pumpkin Spice CoffeeA refreshing pumpkin spice latte with comforting flavors from Haute & Healthy Living! Made with pure pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Caramel Frappuccino – Make this delectable five-minute caramel frappuccino from Small Town Woman and skip those long coffee lines.  At just a fraction of the cost of those expensive coffee shops, you can indulge in one of your favorite coffee treats in your own home. With the perfect balance of sweetness, they taste even better than Starbucks. Use my easy 3-ingredient paleo caramel sauce in this recipe!

coffee smoothie

Coffee Smoothie from Living Chirpy

Peanut Butter Mocha Smoothie – A cross between breakfast and dessert, this peanut butter mocha smoothie is the perfect thing to get you out of bed in the morning. Please use almond butter to keep it paleo!

Paleo Apple Cider Latte – Packed with nutrition and lovely fall flavors, this delicious honey-sweetened paleo apple cider latte is a fun way to mix up your coffee!

Easy Thai Iced Coffee – Enjoy this sweet and creamy Thai iced coffee with vegan condensed milk from What Great Grandma Ate. All the delicious flavors and none of the dairy! This is a healthier, paleo, and vegan version of everyone’s favorite iced coffee recipe. 

herbal coffee

Easy Herbal Iced Coffee from Raia’s Recipes

Bulletproof Keto Mocha Milkshake – You are going to love this bulletproof keto mocha milkshake from What Great Grandma Ate. It’s made with healthy ingredients without spiking your blood sugar. Dairy free and paleo, it also only has 6 grams of net carb!

Easy Iced Protein CoffeeEnjoy your coffee with a boost of protein with this easy iced protein coffee recipe from The Kitchen Docs. Easily customizable to your dietary needs. Instead of the vanilla protein powder called for, I would use Perfect Supplement’s grass-fed kosher collagen and a generous splash of vanilla extract!

How to Make Cold Brew in a French Press Create your homemade cold brew with a simple French press coffee maker with ease! Two ingredients and a bit of waiting is required, that’s it with the recipe from Coffee With Nora!

20+ delicious paleo iced coffee recipes. RaiasRecipes.com