Cutting back on caffeine? You don’t have to give up your frappes! This delicious paleo banana nut butter frappe is a perfect herbal sub!

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One of the Saddest allergies.

As long as I can remember, I have been allergic to coffee. My reaction was so bad that I couldn’t even walk down the coffee isle in the grocery store without my lungs beginning to close up.

So you can probably guess that I never drank the stuff.

During college, when my roommates and friends were staying alive with mugfuls of the stuff every morning (and noon and night), I kept my energy up by eating apples, dark chocolate, and drinking black tea.

Healing with GAPS.

It’s not that I didn’t like coffee, in fact, I rather love it. And now, thanks to all the healing my body has done on the GAPS Diet, I can drink small amounts of coffee with no repercussions. The GAPS Diet worked wonders healing me from the inside out. Coffee’s not the only thing I can enjoy now, too. Strawberries, lettuce, garlic, carrots… Those are just a few of the things I reacted to before doing the GAPS Diet.

Even though I can have coffee now, I still love this banana nut butter frappe! ‘Cause herbal coffee is delicious, too, friends!

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Herbal options.

Last month, to my delight and intrigue, my friend Jessica from Delicious Obsessions came out with a little ebook full of herbal coffee blends! They’re full of healthy, healing, organic ingredients like:

  • chicory root
  • dandelion root
  • milk thistle seed powder
  • burdock root
  • and carob

And they’re perfect for all of you who are trying to quit or cut back on your coffee addiction…

Jessica’s herbal coffees are tasty hot, chilled with ice, and made into this delicious dairy-free frappe.

If you wanna learn how to make your own herbal coffee substitutes, you can check out her amazing eBook, DIY Herbal Coffee Substitutes, where she teaches you how to hand-craft her different blends. 

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Herbal Banana Nut Butter Frappe

This frappe has a bunch of things you can sub out, if you don’t have all the ingredients. First off, I do wanna say that you really truly can use coffee for this recipe, if you want to. But the herbal blend is really lovely here, so I encourage you to give it a try!

You can use almond milk instead of coconut milk, if you want. If you don’t have any water kefir, you can just use more milk of your choice. As for the nut butter, you can either use almond butter to keep it paleo, or use peanut butter if you’re on the GAPS Diet. You could also sub maple syrup out for the honey, if you wanna try making it vegan.

Cutting back on caffeine? You don't have to give up your frappes! This delicious paleo Banana Nut Butter Frappe is a perfect herbal sub! #herbalcoffee #paleo #glutenfree #dairyfree #gapsdiet #vegan #coffee #frappe #banana #nutbutter #almondbutter #peanutbutter

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Paleo Herbal Banana Nut Butter Frappe

Free from grain, gluten, eggs, dairy, and refined sugar.



Place everything in blender (I use this a Blendtec), beginning with the liquids and ending with the ice on top.

Puree until smooth and enjoy!

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