So I’ve been blogging for over 10 years now. I started with a free account, moved over to Blogger, and after starting a self-hosted WordPress website I’ve been around the block with a few different hosting companies looking for the best blog hosting company. I’ve even spent time hosting my WordPress site on AWS Lightsail. At long last, I’ve settled on Siteground. As my site has grown, I’ve faced different technical challenges. My site was experiencing an issue when I moved the site over to Siteground using their awesome Automatic Migration Tool. If you’re looking to start a blog, or already have one, Siteground has several options that can work for you. Even if your following is small, you can start small and increase your account as you go. Below, I’ve listed my favorite features of Siteground.

Best Blog Hosting Company - Siteground

One of a Kind Caching

Siteground has a special plugin that installs in your WordPress blog that integrates with their servers and provides safe and effective caching. This makes your site load super fast. It’s been so much nicer than anything I’ve experienced before. They also have the ability to integrate with CloudFlare with a few clicks within the account dashboard. All these steps may sounds super complicated, but it’s super quick and easy to set up! And if you have any questions, their support is amazing!

Excellent Support

Although I found it a little difficult to find their support section, once I did it’s been amazing. They have extensive written documentation, but they also have 24/7 chat and phone support. They’re technicians are really knowledgable and helpful! They know their stuff and are totally willing to help me resolve issues with my site! Honestly, I think their support itself if worth the cost you pay for hosting.

Spam Protection

This one may not be at the top of your list, but when looking for the best blog hosting company, I always consider it. So many hosting companies, don’t have good spam protection, and it’s very annoying. I’m really grateful for a spam protection that doesn’t block too much, but doesn’t allow the junk through! It’s a blessing!

Many More

There are tons more features that really make me happy! I’ve chosen to go with their WordPress hosting which has a lot of perks for WordPress sites that make things simple and easy. The problem is that sometimes hosting companies will simplify those kind of accounts too much. My hubby often helps me with development and he likes to have access to FTP, which Siteground includes in my account. They also make installing a FREE SSL Certificate super easy. Also, for only $1.65 per month, they’ll scan your site for malware regularly and keep you informed. They also, keep daily backups of my site! The list goes on. The quality hosting that you get from Siteground is totally worth the price. And if you’re gettings started, I recommend you start with a good company, because switching companies can be a difficult process.

Best Blog Hosting Company - Siteground