This honey-sweetened blueberry matcha is quickly becoming a favorite! It’s a perfect twist on a classic nourishing drink. Made with simple ingredients and packed with antioxidants, you’re sure to be wanting a cup of it every day.

The inspiration for this delicious treat comes from a local coffee shop. While meeting friends there while back, one of them ordered a blueberry matcha, and I knew at once I had to make one for myself when I got home! I did, and the rest is history. Or, this recipe. I’ve been enjoying it regularly ever since!

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Honey-Sweetened Blueberry Matcha

Matcha. I know some people think that matcha tastes kinda like grass, but let me let me encourage you to try this blueberry matcha anyway! It really does have a lovely flavor. And besides being delicious, this blueberry matcha has some pretty awesome health benefits that are I wouldn’t pass up! Matcha is a wonderful metabolism booster, packed with things like chlorophyll and vitamins A and C. It is also happens to be one of the best sources of antioxidants in the world!

Matcha does have about as much as coffee. But unlike coffee, which will spike your energy levels and then abruptly drop them, a cup of matcha will be a controlled caffeine release. This is because matcha has the amino acid L-Theanine giving a calming, relaxing effect.

I’ve used MicroIngredients matcha and Carrington Farms for my matcha recipes. They’re both yummy. Of course, you can use whatever kind you have/want.

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Milk. For most of my drink recipes, I use my homemade coconut milk. You can use store-bought, or raw, or organic regular milk if you want! You could also technically even use water for the liquid. I wouldn’t suggest that, though, since the milk does help with the creamy texture and the flavor of the blueberry matcha.

Sweetener. My favorite sweeter for all my drinks is honey. It really is an amazing superfood and it sweetens matcha perfectly. Of course, if you can’t have honey for some reason, maple syrup will work, or something like agave. You could also try stevia for a keto version – I haven’t tried it, though.

Optional add-ins. My favorite drink addition is a beautiful raw egg yolk. It makes the blueberry matcha extra creamy, and it’s so yummy! Raw yolks are full of calcium and iron and are one of the best ways to get vitamins B6, folate, B12, A, D, E, and K! When I don’t have fresh eggs on hand (I wouldn’t suggest using a store-bought egg that’s been sitting in the store for weeks) I add in some kosher collagen for a little protein boost. I usually use Perfect Supplement’s collagen since it’s made from grass-fed cattle and is 100% pesticide and hormone-free.

Anther add-in that boosts the flavor is vanilla extract. You definitely don’t have to use it, but it does help give the sweetness a little pop.

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Honey-Sweetened Blueberry Matcha

Free from grain, gluten, and refined sugar, with egg & dairy free options.


  • 1 cup milk of choice
  • 1 teaspoon matcha powder
  • 1 tablespoon honey or sweetener of choice
  • 1/4 blueberries, fresh or frozen

Optional add-ins:


Place all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth.

Pour over ice and enjoy!

For added yumminess, serve with a dollop of homemade coconut whipped cream on top!

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