Whether you’re craving chicken, beef, sea food, or whatever, you’ll find something you love in this list of over 70 family favorite grain-free dinners!

Delicious Grain-Free Dinners.

No matter how put-together I get, I’m always on the lookout for new dinner options. As a mom with 6 hungry kids (3 of them huge teenagers), it’s always a struggle! Especially when I want to keep the grains to a minimum. Whether you’re trying to feed a growing family in a healthy way, or you’re just looking for delicious grain-free dinners for yourself, I’m sure you’ll find something in this list you’ll love! And just because it’s all grain-free doesn’t mean it’s all a bunch of meat, either! There are plenty of delicious vegetarian options included, as well.

70+ nourishing grain-free dinners! RaiasRecipes.com

A few notes before we begin…

There are quite a few recipes here that would *usually* be served over or with rice. In the instance of these recipes, you can do what I do and just serve it plain. Or, if you’re extra fancy, you can make some cauliflower rice to go with the meal!

You’ll also find a few meals that would usually be served on a bun or with a wrap. Just feel free to eat those plain, as well, or serve them with a homemade grain-free option.

For recipes that call for an Instant Pot or slow cooker, I use the Instant Pot Duo 6 quart 7-in-1.

sheet pan chicken fajitas

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas from Sweetly Splendid

Chicken & Turkey

15-Minute Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken – This baked garlic parmesan chicken from Cuisine & Travel is juicy, flavorful, easy to make, and ready to serve in only 15 minutes.

Air Fryer Turkey TenderloinAir fryer turkey tenderloin lives up to its name, made from the most tender part of the turkey. This impressive, yet easy, entree from Go Gluten Freely cooks up in no time in the air fryer and is packed with flavor from the easy marinade.

Chicken Broccoli Cauliflower RiceThis ridiculously easy one pan chicken broccoli cauliflower rice recipe from Living Chirpy will become a new weeknight staple – guaranteed. 8 Ingredients. 30 Minutes. Low-Carb. Keto. Gluten-Free.

Chicken Fajitas in the Instant Pot – Prepare to fill your plate and stuff your belly with these delicious paleo and Whole30-friendly chicken fajitas! They’ll will make you think you were in a Mexican mama’s kitchen for lunch! 

Coconut Chicken Curry – Full of flavor and deliciously healthy, this coconut chicken curry is a delicious meal! It easily fits into paleo, Whole30, and Full GAPS Diets, so everyone can enjoy!

Creamy Tuscan Chicken – This creamy Tuscan chicken from The Clean Happy Life is a quick and delicious one pan meal. Easy on cleanup but not skimping on flavor, you’ll be sure to add this to your meal rotation!

family favorite roast chicken

Family-Favorite Roast Chicken from Raia’s Recipes

Family-Favorite Roast Chicken – This family favorite roast chicken is a simple go-to for dinner! It’s easy to make fit paleo, GAPS, keto, and Whole30 lifestyles.

Ginger, White Bean & Chicken Soup – Cozy up to the table and enjoy this ginger white bean chicken soup! With Instant Pot or stove top instructions, it’s a delicious GAPS-friendly and primal soup the whole family will love.

Goi Ga (Vietnamese Chicken Salad)Goi Ga means ‘chicken salad’ in Vietnamese and is a popular dish. This crunchy salad from The Honest Spoonful features cabbage, carrots, fresh herbs and nuoc mam, another popular Vietnamese dish used as dressing.

Lemon Garlic Chicken Thighs – This lemon garlic chicken thighs from A Cedar Spoon is a family-friendly recipe uses simple ingredients, that you most likely already have in your kitchen. You will love the lemon, garlic and fresh herbs together with the juicy, flavorful chicken. This is great for meal-prep and adding to salads, wraps and cauli-rice bowls.

Healthy Chicken DrumsticksEasy to make yet incredibly flavorful, this one-pan sheet chicken drumstick dinner with potatoes and apples from My Chefs Apron should be on your weekly menu.

Lemon Garlic Chicken Thighs from A Cedar Spoon

Homemade Chicken Soup – This delicious homemade chicken soup from The Forked Spoon is an absolute favorite recipe and is so easy to make from scratch!

Instant Pot Pulled BBQ Chicken – With only five minutes on hands on time, this BBQ chicken from Well Fed Baker makes the perfect weeknight meal. 

Mediterranean Sheet Pan ChickenMediterranean sheet pan chicken from A Cedar Spoon is a quick and easy meal that requires very little clean-up. The juicy chicken pairs so nicely with the fresh roasted vegetables, creamy feta cheese and salty olives. The fresh herbs and lemon add Mediterranean flavor to this dish. Serve with cauliflower rice, potatoes, hummus or on its own.

Paleo Chicken TendersThese easy baked paleo chicken tenders from Allergy Free Alaska are one of our favorite low-carb/keto meals. They are quick and easy, and much healthier than the fried variation!

Sheet Pan Chicken FajitasThese sheet pan fajitas from Sweetly Splendid take the classic Tex Mex dish and makes it entirely on one pan. With minimal work its ready in 30 minutes!

ginger white bean chicken soup

Ginger, White Bean & Chicken Soup from Raia’s Recipes

Sheet Pan Curried Chicken with Tahini Dressing – Make a simple and healthy dinner with this quick sheet pan curried chicken from The Peasant’s Daughter that comes with a creamy tahini dressing.

Spicy Chicken Shirataki Ramen Noodles – This ramen recipe from Gennifer Rose is by no means authentic or culturally correct, it’s just a culinary jewel simply because they are both easy to make and oh so delicious.

Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken & SpinachThis dairy-free creamy sun dried tomato chicken and spinach recipe from Pure & Simple Nourishment is about to become a staple in your kitchen. This one pan meal is so easy to make in just 15 minutes and is so rich and creamy. The sauce is made with sun dried tomatoes, cashews, and coconut milk, and this healthy meal that the whole family will love.

Sweet & Sour ChickenThe perfect mix between crisp chicken and a sweet and tangy sauce, this gluten free sweet and sour chicken from Kaleena’s Kitchen is perfect for busy weeknights.

White Chicken Chili in the Instant Pot – This white chicken chili is easy and full of flavor. With only real-food, gluten-free ingredients, it’s a healthy comforting meal that can be made either in the Instant Pot or slow cooker.

hamburger helper

Copycat Hamburger Helper Potato Stroganoff from Well Fed Baker


Bison Shepherd’s PieThis bison shepherd’s pie from Kaleena’s Kitchen is made with a handful of clean ingredients like ground bison, Yukon gold potatoes, and savory herbs, making it gluten-free, Whole30, and Paleo-friendly.

BLT BurgerThis BLT burger with roasted garlic mayo from Chew Out Loud takes a classic burger to the next level. Buttery avocado, caramelized onions, and an amazing sauce over a juicy all-beef patty. It’s the reason for grill season.

Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Beef) – Bulgogi (a.k.a. Korean BBQ beef) is the perfect blend of sweet and salty! This easy paleo recipe will have you wishing you made a double batch…

Copycat Hamburger Helper Potato Stroganoff – Discover the ultimate comfort food with this copycat hamburger helper potato stroganoff recipe from Well Fed Baker. This easy, creamy, and satisfying dish is perfect for busy weeknights and is both gluten free and dairy free!

Curry Bison MeatballsServe these flavorful meatballs from My Chefs Apron with a hearty salad on the side for a satisfying grain-free dinner.

bison meatballs

Curry Bison Meatballs from My Chefs Apron

Easy Frittata with Ground Beef & Kale – Treat yourself to a delicious breakfast fro dinner with this easy paleo frittata! Packed with ground beef and kale, it’s a delicious way to end the day!

Easy Instant Pot Eye of Round Roast – This easy Instant Pot eye of round roast is a great way to serve up a tasty meal with spending hours waiting on your roast. Perfect for paleo, GAPS, Whole30, and keto!

Easy Marinated Roast – This easy marinated roast is a sure winner if you’re craving a fancy meal but don’t have hours to spend slaving over a stove. Whether you use the slow cooker or the Instant Pot, it’s equally delicious!

Fall-Apart Tender Short Ribs in the Instant Pot – No need to stress about prep with these easy and delicious fall-apart tender short ribs in the Instant Pot! Plus they’re Whole30, paleo, and GAPS-friendly, too.

Ground Beef & Potatoes – Amazingly simple and SO delicious, this recipe for ground beef and potatoes from The Forked Spoon is guaranteed to impress the whole family. Ready in less than 45 minutes, it’s weeknight comfort food at its finest.

whole30 stuffed peppers

Whole30 Stuffed Peppers from Pure & Simple Nourishment

Italian Wedding Soup in the Instant Pot – This Italian wedding soup in the Instant Pot is the perfect marriage of Italian-inspired meatballs and veggie soup. It’s delicious no matter what time of year it is, and easily fits low-carb and GAPS Diet lifestyles, with a paleo option, as well.

Sloppy Joe Baked Potatoes – Easy and grain-free, these sloppy Joe baked potatoes are a delicious twist on an American favorite dinner. 

Sloppy Joe Stuffed Sweet PotatoesThese sloppy Joe stuffed sweet potatoes from Salted Plantains are an easy dinner recipe made with ground turkey, vegetables, and spices, for a flavorful and healthier take on the classic sandwich!

Stuffed Italian Meatballs in the Instant Pot – Whether you’re in the mood for a fancy Italian dinner, or just want an easy comfort-meal, these Stuffed Italian Meatballs in the Instant Pot or Slow Cooker will satisfy and delight your tummy with their delicious garlic and herbed flavor and gooey cheesy filling.

Whole30 Stuffed PeppersThese are the best Whole30 stuffed peppers! They are surprisingly easy to make with cauliflower rice, canned tomatoes and ground beef and this healthy comfort food from Pure & Simple Nourishment is also gluten-free, grain free and paleo.

italian sausage potato kale soup

Italian Sausage Soup from Mandi of the Mountains


Air-Fryer Cabbage & SausageThis air fryer cabbage and sausage from Dinners Done Quick is your meat and veggies all in one! Plus, its naturally gluten free as well. With just 5 ingredients and 15 minutes cooking time, its easy enough for a weeknight meal and delicious too!

Creamy Roasted Red Pepper, Sausage & Cauliflower Soup – One of my family’s all-time favorite soups, this paleo creamy roasted red pepper, sausage, and cauliflower soup is a delicious mouthful you won’t want to stop eating!

Italian Sausage Soup with Potatoes & KaleThis comforting potato, sausage, and kale soup from Mandi of the Mountains is hearty and gluten-free. It only needs 1 pot and 5 main ingredients. You can customize it to make it mild or spicy.

Zuppa Toscana in the Instant Pot – This zuppa toscana in the Instant Pot is a comforting and hearty meal that will make you feel like you’re at a fancy restaurant!

crispy coconut pan fried salmon

Crispy Coconut Pan-Fried Salmon from Raia’s Recipes


Air-Fryer Spinach Stuffed Salmon with Boursin & TomatoesThis spinach stuffed salmon from Dinners Done Quick is packed with flavor, and ready in less than 30 minutes with the help of your air fryer! Sun dried tomatoes and creamy Boursin cheese add tons of flavor, while keeping the dish naturally gluten free!

Crispy Coconut Pan-Fried Salmon – Easy and delicious, this crispy coconut pan-fried salmon is a winner every time! With minimal prep and only a few paleo-, keto-, and Whole30-friendly ingredients, you won’t mind making it often. 

Grilled Tuna Salad – This grilled tuna salad recipe from Camp Grill Eat is going to upend every notion you have about what tuna salad is. When fresh grilled tuna gets jumbled together with crisp greens, berries, and crunchy pumpkin seeds and tossed with lemon vinaigrette, it becomes a summertime staple in a whole new way.

Dairy-Free Shrimp ScampiThis surprisingly simple dairy-free shrimp scampi recipe from The Honest Spoonful can be made with under 10 ingredients in 30 minutes. It’s a super flavorful dish that’s fancy enough for a special dinner but fast enough for a busy weeknight. You can eat it as is, or serve it on caul-rice or potatoes.

Miso Butter SalmonThis miso butter salmon sheet pan dinner from Feasting Not Fasting is fantastic on its own, no extra grains needed! It’s made in under 20 minutes from a delicious miso butter spread paired with a few more easy ingredients. You can serve over cauliflower rice or just enjoy its entirely on its own!

slow roasted salmon with herb sauce

Slow Roasted Salmon with Spring Herb Sauce from Natalie Marble Cooks

Sauteed Shrimp with Coconut Aminos – Sautéed shrimp with coconut aminos from Cooking in the Keys is a healthy and flavorful weeknight dinner ready in just 15 minutes. This recipe combines the succulent taste of shrimp with sweet and savory coconut aminos, butter, lemon, and sesame seeds. 

Shrimp Egg Roll in a Bowl – Love egg rolls but don’t like the gluten or unhealthy frying oil? This healthy shrimp egg roll in a bowl from The Clean Healthy Life is a great alternative that’s filling and clean! There’s lots of ways to make this recipe your own, so let me know below how yours turned out!

Simple Herbed Red Drum – Nothing says summer like a delicious plate full of fish! Bursting with nutrients and flavor, this Simple Herbed Red Drum will be sure to please your tummy and taste-buds.

Slow Roasted Salmon with Spring Herb Sauce –  Even cooking, perfect texture, and superior moisture retention are the incredible features of this slow roasted salmon with spring herb sauce from Natalie Marble Cooks. Paired with a bright and tangy sauce, and done in 30 minutes, this dish is as well-suited to a weeknight as it is to a dinner with friends.

Sweet Miso Glazed SalmonThis sweet miso glazed salmon from Plates by Nat is a perfect dinner idea on a busy day! The quick simple sauce made with just three ingredients brings your baked salmon to the next level.

veggie ramen zoodles

Veggie “Ramen” Zoodle Soup from Raia’s Recipes


Cheesy Veggie Lentil Stew in the Instant Pot – Nourishing and hearty, this cheesy veggie lentil stew in the Instant Pot is a wonderful comfort food for lunch or dinner.

Coconut Thai Curry Soup – This plant-based soup from Raepublic is seriously amazing. It’s like spiced cream from heaven.

Easy Slow-Cooker White Bean SoupThis easy slow cooker white bean soup from Haute Healthy Living provides a wholesome, comforting meal all year round. It’s full of vegetables and fiber-packed beans, and topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Easy Spaghetti Squash with Creamy White Sauce – This spaghetti squash with creamy white sauce is an easy and delicious dinner! The perfect, kid-friendly paring, and a great fit for GAPS and keto diets.

Easy Vegetarian Borsch – This easy one-pot vegetarian borscht recipe from Happy Kitchen only takes 30 minutes to make! Delicious and wholesome winter beet soup full of nutrients makes for an easy lunch or weekday dinner. 

eggplant parm

Unbreaded Eggplant Parm from Coley Cooks

Grain-Free Thin-Crust Skillet Pizza – Don’t miss out on pizza night again with this easy thin crust, grain-free skillet pizza! Only three ingredients needed for the crust, but the possibilities for toppings are completely up to you! Made on a cast iron skillet, this pizza starts out on the stove-top, then gets broiled to give the cheese a nice crispiness that is so delicious.

Pumpkin Curry Soup – This easy pumpkin curry soup recipe from Raepublic is simply delicious. Its creaminess comes from coconut milk, so it is naturally dairy-free. In addition, this plant-based soup is a great source of vitamin A.

Sheet-Pan Roasted Pumpkin Cauliflower Soup – Creamy, earthy, delicately spiced with a nutty flavor, nothing says comfort quite like a warm bowl of soup. This one-pan roasted pumpkin and cauliflower soup from At My Table delivers that smooth creamy texture while being dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free, perfect for weeknight dinner.

Spaghetti Squash Pizza Casserole – Easy and kid-friendly combine to make this spaghetti squash pizza casserole a win! It’s naturally grain-free and low in carbs, too!

Unbreaded Eggplant ParmesanThis recipe for unbreaded eggplant parmesan from Coley Cooks requires only 5 ingredients, is gluten/grain free, and is the cheesy Italian comfort food of your dreams.

Veggie “Ramen” Zoodle Soup – Nourishing and comforting, this easy veggie ramen zoodle soup is a fun way to pack in the veggies! Made with spiralized “noodles,” it’s fun to make and eat!

Over 70 delicious family-favorite grain free dinners from raiasrecipes.com