Whether you’re looking for a tasty meat dish for dinner, or some delicious hamantaschen, this list of gluten-free Purim recipes is just what you need!

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A little backstory.

Whether you’re Jewish, Christian, or not, you’ve probably heard of Queen Esther. She was a beautiful Jewish girl chosen to be the queen of Persian empire after winning a beauty contest. After becoming queen, she bravely sacrificed her own life to beg for her peoples’ safety from proposed annihilation by the Jew’s enemy, Haman. Because of her bravery, the Jews were able to defeat their enemies and Queen Esther’s story has been retold as a lesson in God’s faithful protection of the Jewish people ever since.

To celebrate the victory of the Jews over their enemies, the Feast of Purim is held every year. The name of the feast comes from the word ‘pur’ which means to cast lots or dice. It is a time to celebrate and thank God for His protection over His chosen people throughout the years.

Gluten-Free Purim Recipes

Some ways to celebrate Purim are to read or act out the Book of Esther and eat lots of yummy food. Rich meat dishes, matzah, extra long challah, all the poppy seed things, and wine are traditional foods for Purim. Of course, this post is all about gluten-free Purim recipes, so everything here is free from gluten, and mostly paleo-safe, too!

Asparagus Vinaigrette Salad from Eat Beautiful

Appetizers & Sides

Asparagus Vinaigrette Salad – Marinated asparagus vinaigrette salad is always special, especially each spring when fresh asparagus abounds. Make this salad from Eat Beautiful ahead of time, by a couple of hours, and see a lovely meal come together quickly. Simply add lettuce greens and a simple protein.

Cabbage Cucumber Salad – This cabbage and cucumber salad from Prepare & Nourish is a refreshing, healthy, and delicious addition to your meal. Made with just a handful of ingredients, it’s naturally paleo, low-carb, and Whole 30. 

Cottage Cheese Mashed Potatoes – Made with Yukon gold potatoes, whipped cottage cheese, butter garlic, and Parmesan cheese, these cottage cheese mashed potatoes from Prepare & Nourish are creamy, delicious, and protein-rich.

Crispy Oven Roasted Garlic Potatoes – Fluffy on the inside, golden on the outside, these roasted potatoes from Prepare & Nourish make a wonderful sheet pan side dish with only 4 ingredients and little prep time.

Roasted Maple Citrus Herb Olives from Recipes to Nourish

Cucumber Tomato and Onion Salad – This salad from Prepare & Nourish is a simple, yet refreshing addition to any summer meal. With only 5 ingredients, it comes together in under 15 minutes.

Greek Tomato & Cucumber Salad – This Greek salad from Prepare & Nourish with or without feta cheese has all the robust Mediterranean flavors. With a simple 4-ingredient salad dressing, this salad can be made in 15 minutes.

Roasted Caramelized Delicata Squash – Squash is one of life’s best comfort foods. This recipe from Eat Beautiful is pretty enough for a holiday table, versatile enough to top a salad, or serve it as a side dish.

Roasted Broccoli Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette – You’ll love this healthy roasted broccoli salad from Eat Beautiful! Roasting the broccoli makes it more delicious and flavorful!

Roasted Maple Citrus Herb Olives – These are the most delicious little bites and appetizer! This crowd pleasing, 7 ingredient, real food, hors d’oeuvre from Recipes to Nourish is the perfect finger food for holiday tables or any party.

Simple Oven Roasted Buttered Cabbage – This delicious buttery cabbage recipe from Prepare & Nourish is an easy side dish that’s ready in 30 minutes. Creamy, buttery, and irresistibly delicious.

Smashed Potatoes – These smashed potatoes from Eat Beautiful are a fabulous side dish that’s easy to meal prep ahead of time. Make this potato dish alongside your favorite main dishes. Or, eat them as an appetizer base; they make a great finger food with toppings!


Gluten-Free Enchilada Casserole from Allergy Free Alaska

Bean Dishes

Though most people party during Purim, there are some who hold a fast to remember how Esther asked the people to fast with her before she went to the king. Because some say this fast only means abstaining from meat, dishes with beans and seeds are popular foods for Purim.

Cheesy Veggie Lentil Stew in the Instant Pot – Nourishing and hearty, this cheesy veggie lentil stew in the Instant Pot is a wonderful comfort food for lunch or dinner.

Easy Vegetarian Black Bean Burrito Bowls – Packed with flavor and full of protein, these easy vegetarian black bean burrito bowls are easy to pull together. They’re a great, family-friendly meal that even your meat-eaters will love!

Ginger White Bean Chicken Soup – Cozy up to the table and enjoy this ginger white bean chicken soup! With Instant Pot or stove top instructions, it’s a delicious GAPS-friendly and primal soup the whole family will love.

Cheesy Veggie Lentil Stew in the Instant Pot from Raia’s Recipes

Gluten-Free Enchilada Casserole – If you like gluten-free enchiladas, you’ll love this gluten-free enchilada casserole from Allergy Free Alaska! It’s filling and satisfying, and everyone loves it!

Instant Pot Split Pea Soup with Chicken & Ginger – This split pea soup from Eat Beautiful is a fabulous, nourishing soup that’s anti-inflammatory. With just 5 ingredients, this Instant Pot recipe is fast to make, and each well-chosen ingredient creates the flavorful, gentle soup you’ve been wanting.

Quinoa & Black Bean Tacos – These quinoa and black bean tacos are an easy weeknight meal! They’re naturally gluten-free and vegan, and can even be grain-free!

White Minestrone Soup – This is your favorite minestrone soup, dressed in white. Gluten-free, grain-free, high in protein, fiber and gentle nutrition with this easy one-pot, stove top meal from Eat Beautiful.

Slow Cooker Rosemary Roast from Delicious Obsessions

Meat Dishes

Most Jewish holidays are taken as an occasion for huge, elaborately delicious meals! Purim isn’t an exception. These beef, chicken, and lamb dishes are wonderful Purim foods that are naturally gluten-free!

Air Fryer Lamb Loin Chops – Learn how to cook lamb loin chops in air fryer using a simple marinade made of olive oil, lemon, garlic and thyme. Easy, tender, and delicious meat ready in minutes with this recipe from Prepare & Nourish!

Bottom Round Roast – Juicy and tender bottom round roast encrusted with sea salt and herbs. This roast beef recipe from Allergy Free Alasak is a family favorite!

Easy Beef Soup with Herbed Dumplings – This easy beef soup is the perfect gluten-free comfort food for chilly days! It’s full of comforting herbed dumplings and nourishing broth.

Easiest Paleo Beef Short Ribs – These short ribs from Eat Beautiful are the easiest best recipe with NO braising ahead of time, no sautéing of any ingredients. Just 4 ingredients, bake, flip once during cooking, and serve! You can thicken the gravy optionally. So tender, rich and flavorful, without any added steps!


Air Fryer Lamb Loin Chops from Prepare & Nourish

Easy Instant Pot Eye of Round Roast – This easy Instant Pot eye of round roast is a great way to serve up a tasty meal with spending hours waiting on your roast. Perfect for paleo, GAPS, Whole30, and keto!

Easy Instant Pot Lamb Curry – This delicious recipe from Prepare & Nourish features tender lamb, butternut squash, curry spices, creamy tomato, and coconut sauce. A tasty and healthy weeknight meal, served with rice and cilantro garnish.

Easy Marinated Roast in the Slow Cooker or Instant Pot – This easy marinated roast is a sure winner if you’re craving a fancy meal but don’t have hours to spend slaving over a stove. Whether you use the slow cooker or the Instant Pot, it’s equally delicious!

Fall-Apart Tender Beef Short Ribs in the Instant Pot – No need to stress about prep with these easy and delicious fall-apart tender short ribs in the Instant Pot! Plus they’re Whole30, paleo, and GAPS-friendly, too.

Family Favorite Roast Chicken – This family favorite roast chicken is a simple go-to for dinner! It’s easy to make fit paleo, GAPS, keto, and Whole30 lifestyles.

Grilled Lamb Chops with Sunchoke Puree – This recipe from Delicious Obsessions is one of those very old regional recipes that nobody would suspect is even Italian. It’s a perfect, nourishing dish.

Middle Eastern Beef Stew from Eat Beautiful

Instant Pot Chuck Roast – This easy and delicious Instant Pot chuck roast recipe from Allergy Free Alaska produces tender and juicy pieces of beef with a rich and flavorful broth.

Middle Eastern Beef Stew – This Middle Eastern beef stew with Za’atar from Eat Beautiful can be made Instant Pot, oven, slow cooker or stove top! So many amazing flavors in this spiced savory 1-pot stew! It is the ultimate comfort food, transporting you to Israel and Northeastern Africa with its warming spices and wooing herbs.

Shurpa Soup – This Uzbek lamb soup from Prepare & Nourish brings together tender lamb, hearty root vegetables, and a burst of amazing flavor. It is great to cozy up to during the cold months but light enough to nourish and satisfy you year-round!

Slow Cooker Beef Shanks with Garlic & Herbs – There’s nothing quite like a savory slow-cooked meal on a cold winter day like these slow cooker beef shanks with garlic and herbs from Delicious Obsessions. Your house will smell amazing and the food will warm you from the inside!

Family Favorite Roast Chicken from Raia’s Recipes

Slow Cooker Rosemary Roast – Making a delicious roast for dinner doesn’t get any easier than this recipe from Delicious Obsessions! This set-it-and-forget-it recipe allows you to get on with your busy day and not have to worry about dinner!

Slow Cooker Tangine of Mutton with Lemon and Olives – The best olives for this dish are green, ripe Moroccan style olives, but any green olive can be successfully substituted. Traditionally in Moroccan cuisine, preserved lemons would be used, but this recipe from Delicious Obsessions uses fresh organic lemons with equally good results, making the recipe more easily accessible.

Spinach & Garlic Meatballs in the Instant Pot – Easy, delicious, and GAPS Intro Diet friendly, these spinach garlic meatballs are sure to become a family favorite. And they have the added bonus of being made in the Instant Pot!

Veggie-Packed Meatloaf – This home-style, classic, real food, veggie-packed meatloaf from Recipes to Nourish is absolutely delicious, succulent and total comfort food. It’s jam-packed with vegetables, healthy fats and absolutely no flour.

Easy Lamb Roast in the Dutch Oven – Slow cooked so that it’s fall-apart tender, this easy lamb roast in the Dutch oven is just about as delicious as dinner comes.

Gluten-Free Kreplach from Good For You Gluten-Free

Challah, Kreplach & Matzah

Gluten-Free Challah – It wouldn’t be a feast without challah! This gorgeous gluten-free challah from GF Jules is sure to please.

Gluten-Free Kreplach – Kreplach is a homemade dumpling made with gluten-free pasta dough and a savory meat filling. These kreplach from Good For You Gluten-Free are 100% gluten-free and delicious!

Vegan Matzo Ball Soup – This Passover classic from Strength & Sunshine is allergy-free and paleo with grain-free fluffy matzo balls (potato-based “potato kneidlach” dumplings) and a simple vegetable broth soup!

Easy Paleo Hamantaschen from Raia’s Recipes


Hamantaschen are one of the most iconic Purim treats. They’re triangular little cookies made to look like what Haman’s hat might have looked like. They’re usually filled with all sorts of jams or chocolates. Poppy seeds are also a traditional filling.

Apricot & Walnut Rugelach – Rugelach is a delicious pastry brought to the U.S. by Eastern European Jews and popular in Israel. This authentic gluten-free rugelach recipe from Good For You Gluten-Free is made with a delicious flaky pastry and filled with sweet apricot jam and crunchy walnuts. This recipe is from the cook’s Aunt Ayala with a few tweaks to make it gluten-free!

Easy Paleo Hamantaschen – Easy, paleo hamantaschen cookies are perfect for a fun and healthy Feast of Purim celebration! With only a few, grain-free ingredients, filled with jam, and sweetened with honey, they’re a treat that’s sure to become a favorite. Though you definitely don’t have to be celebrating Purim to enjoy them….

Gluten-Free Rugelach from The Gluten-Free Austrian

Gluten-Free Hamantaschen – This gluten-free version of the classic Purim cookie from Good For You Gluten-Free taste exactly like you remember. Enjoy and chag sameach!  If you want a vegan version of this recipe (no eggs or dairy), this recipe also has options for that.

Gluten-Free Rugelach – With a light, flaky texture and a delectable chocolate filling, these gluten free chocolate rugelach from The Gluten-Free Austrian will be hard to resist during the holiday season. They almost remind me of mini chocolate croissants (especially when they are still warm from the oven). A must make for your next Holiday Gathering!

Hamantaschen with Raspberry Chia Jam – These vegan and gluten-free hamantaschen are also grain-free and can be refined sugar-free if you use homemade raspberry chia seed jam. These are absolutely scrumptious and fun to make. This is a perfect recipe to get the kids and the whole family involved! This recipe from Eating by Elaine is paleo-friendly too!

Healthy Hamantaschen – This easy hamantaschen cookie recipe from Debra Klein is so delicious, you’ll never go back to store bought. These 3 corner Purim cookies are made with almond flour and tahini. Vegan, gluten-free and come together quickly with your favorite hamantashen fillings.

Paleo Lemon Poppy Seed Bundt Cake – This gluten free lemon poppy seed bundt cake from Prepare & Nourish is made with almond flour, coconut flour, and tapioca and subtly sweetened with honey.

Sushi Hamantaschen – Combine the triangular shape of a traditional Jewish cookie with the ingredients of Japanese sushi. This fusion dish from Family Friends Food is a fun and creative Purim food!

Sweet Bean Chickpea Cookie Dough Ice Cream – This fun ice cream from Eat Beautiful is a simple but revolutionary ice cream, creamy, delicious and exciting! Plus, full  of fiber, beautiful in color and fun to make.

Vegan Chocolate-Filled Hamantaschen – Elevate your hamantaschen to the next level using vegan chocolate chip cookie dough and a velvety vegan chocolate filling. This original recipe from Eating by Elaine is a total crowd pleaser for both kids and adults alike, and these cookies are always the first to disappear during Purim when served alongside traditional hamantaschen.

Orange & Date Hamantaschen – These beautiful orange and and date hamantaschen from Immigrant’s Table bring a familiar, nostalgic taste to Purim. This is the flavor of Israeli Purim celebrations!

Strawberry Ginger Switchel from Recipes to Nourish


Fancy drinks are a must-have for Purim! Though alcohol is usually present, it’s better not to have an abundance of that, so I’ve included some delicious “mocktail” options to keep things G-rated for families celebrating.

2-Ingredient Hibiscus Punch – Do your kids enjoy fruit punch but you cringe at the additives and food coloring agents?  This 2-ingredient hibiscus punch from Prepare & Nourish is simple enough to make with under 10 minutes from start to finish (not counting the brewing time).

Blueberry Elderberry Water Kefir – Refreshing and packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this blueberry elderberry water kefir is a delicious drink! Naturally paleo and gluten-free, and safe for vegan and full GAPS diets, too!

Cucumber Lime Agua Fresca – This agua fresca from Delicious Obsessions might seem odd to some, but don’t let the summer vegetable throw you off. It sounds strange, but wow … it’s so amazingly good! It’s crisp, clean, slightly sweet and so refreshing. Plus it’s the perfect healthy drink to replace sugary drinks, sodas, and sports drinks.

Sparkling Cranberry Orange Ginger Mocktail from Delicious Obsessions

Elderberry Kefir – This elderberry kefir is a healthy healing probiotic drink packed with probiotics and the immune boosting vitamins of elderberries. Since it’s made with water kefir, it’s paleo and vegan, too!

Hibiscus Lemonade – Hibiscus is perfect to add to lemonade because it is already sour and it adds a beautiful deep, red color that makes it a fun treat. You’re gonna love this recipe from Delicious Obsessions.

Homemade Honey Lemonade – This lemonade recipe from Prepare & Nourish is a much healthier version of this party favorite with only 2 real food ingredients and a few minutes of hands on time. This lemonade recipe with honey is refreshing, quick, and easy. 

Honey-Sweetened Elderflower Champagne – Lightly sweet and deliciously fizzy, this homemade honey-sweetened elderflower champagne is a fun way to increase your summer nutrition!

Honey-Sweetened Elderflower Champagne from Raia’s Recipes

Mixed Berry Switchel – When you’re needing a cold refreshing drink reach for this easy, anti-inflammatory mixed berry switchel! It’s paleo, GAPS-friendly, and refined sugar-free. 

Non-Alcoholic Herbal Sangria – This non-alcoholic herbal sangria from Recipes to Nourish is a fun twist on the original. The best part is everyone can enjoy this, even kids! It’s perfect served at parties, holiday celebrations, or simply just to have in the fridge as a hydrating drink throughout the week.

Paleo Honey Sima – Refreshing and slightly sweet, this honey sima is a paleo version of the traditional Finnish mead. Full of fizz and fun this drink is safe for adults and kiddos alike!

Sparkling Cranberry Orange Ginger Mocktail – If you really want to turn up the real food quotient on this mocktail from Delicious Obsessions, make it with kombucha for an added probiotic punch! Not only will you be avoiding potential leaky gut by avoiding the alcohol, but you will be adding some good bacteria in. It’s a win-win!

Strawberry Ginger Switchel – This healthy, hydrating strawberry ginger switchel from Recipes to Nourish is so refreshing and the best drink on a hot day! It’s so easy to make, naturally sweetened, full of electrolytes, non-alcoholic and easily fermented with apple cider vinegar.

Over 50 gorgeous gluten-free Purim recipes from Raia's Recipes.