Need a good list of Whole30 breakfasts? This round-up of delicious options will give you what you need to start your day right!

whole30 breakfasts & drinks

Delicious Whole30 Breakfasts

With breakfast being the most important meal of the day (IMO), I’m always on the lookout for delicious new recipes. If you’re wanting to start your day off right, here are over 20 delicious Whole30 breakfasts that will help! They’re all grain-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free!

Frittatas & Quiches

These easy baked or stove-top meals are a great way to feed a whole family while staying within the Whole30 framework. They’re easy to double, if you need to, and if you’re only cooking for one, you can cut the recipes in half.

frittata with ground beef and kale from

Easy Frittata with Ground Beef & Kale

Treat yourself to a delicious breakfast with this easy Whole30 frittata from Raia’s Recipes! Packed with ground beef and kale, it’s a delicious way to start – or end – the day!

sausage and kale frittata from calm eats

Sausage, Tarragon & Kale Frittata

The herbs, greens, vegetables and sausage in this gorgeous sausage, tarragon & kale frittata from Calm Eats pair so beautifully with eggs. It’s the perfect nourishing breakfast.

sausage and veggie frittata from prepare and nourish

Sausage & Vegetable Frittata

Caramelized onions and mushrooms, broccoli, and flavorful sausage are enveloped in velvety egg mixture for a healthy breakfast option from Prepare & Nourish. Bonus: This easy Whole30 sausage & vegetable frittata is done in one pan!


Hashes & Skillet Meals

One of my husband’s all-time favorite Whole30 breakfasts is hash! And it’s not surprising. You really can’t go wrong with meat, potatoes, eggs, and more all fried up together in a delicious mix! These hashes and skillet meals are definitely a delicious way to start your day!

breakfast machaca from

Breakfast Machaca

Need something new for breakfast? Try this breakfast “machaca” from Delicious Obsessions. Machaca hails from Northern Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. and is full of flavor. This dish will keep you full all morning long.

sweet potato breakfast hash from healthy mom healthy family

Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

This sweet potato breakfast hash from Healthy Mom Healthy Family combines seasoned sweet potatoes, cooked turkey sausage and baked eggs for a healthy breakfast that is satisfying and flavorful.

turkey, apple, onion hash from eat beautiful

Turkey, Apple & Onion Hash

Ground turkey, apples, and onions come together to make a savory, sweet meal that brings pleasure to eaters of every age. You’re sure going to enjoy this 1-pan turkey, apple & onion hash from Eat Beautiful!

hobakjean from the organic kitchen

Savory Korean Zucchini Hobakjean

Friends, it’s time to expand your food horizons. While we love our eggs and hashes, sometimes it’s awesome to try something new and different for breakfast. The Organic Kitchen has just the thing! These savory Korean zucchini hobakjean!

breakfast hash from organically addison

Breakfast Hash with Sweet Potatoes

This Whole30 breakfast hash with sweet potatoes from Organically Addison is a hearty and flavorful breakfast! It’s Whole30 approved, all made in one skillet, and perfect for healthy meal prep.

pulled pork skillet from prepare and nourish

Pulled Pork Breakfast Skillet

This delicious pulled pork breakfast skillet from Prepare & Nourish combines juicy leftover pulled pork with potatoes and eggs all fried in a skillet on the stovetop. 

swiss rosti from the organic kitchen

Traditional Swiss Rosti

A traditional Swiss rosti that is Whole 30 compliant! Serve this delicious meal from The Organic Kitchen for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a side of sausage.

potato latkes from

Potato Latkes with Garlic & Onions

These grain-free potato latkes with garlic & onions from Raia’s Recipes are a delicious savory treat! Loaded with onions and garlic, and fried to perfection. They’re delicious as-is, or with a fried egg on top! Perfect for breakfast.


Breakfast Bowls

For quick and easy Whole30 breakfast needs, give one of these tasty breakfast bowls a try! They’re packed with nutrition, and easy to take with you if you need to eat on the go (though it is better for your digestion to eat in a state of rest…).

breakfast salad from get inspired everyday

Breakfast Salad with Everything Bagel Dressing

This easy-to-make breakfast salad from Get Inspired Everyday is loaded with flavor thanks to the everything bagel dressing. It’s a great way to start the day filled with protein, nutrients, and a couple of servings of veggies.

mango avocado salad from all nutritious

Mango Avocado Breakfast Salad

Fruity, sweet, full of healthy fats, refreshing, and yummy! This mango avocado breakfast salad from All Nutritious is vegan-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, Whole30, and low-calorie.

breakfast burrito bowls from begin with balance

Breakfast Burrito Bowls

These breakfast burrito bowls from Begin With Balance are a delicious and easily customizable way to balanced your breakfast to fuel you for the day ahead.

egg salad from organically addison

Breakfast Egg Salad

This Whole30 egg salad from Organically Addison is creamy, hearty and flavorful! This easy recipe is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition, it is great for both meal prep and leftovers.


Meat & Eggs

Need a hearty, yet still easy and delicious breakfast option? Though the hashes are also full of meat and eggs, here are a few more simple meat and egg Whole30 breakfast options for you….

spanish eggs from she wants to be good

Spanish Baked Eggs

These easy Spanish baked eggs from She Wants to Be Good are easy to put together for breakfast, brunch, lunch or even a hearty dinner. Serve them with warm crusty bread to mop up the delicious tomato sauce.

ground beef parsnip poppers from eat beautiful

Ground Beef & Parsnip Poppers

These ground beef & parsnip poppers from Eat Beautiful are delicious crispy savory treats, perfect on their own or for dipping. They’re lovely for breakfast or brunch and make great leftovers.

easy french style omelette from

Easy French-Style Omelette

You don’t need to be a chef to make a gorgeous omelette! This easy easy French-style omelette from Raia’s Recipes is a delicious paleo, Whole30, and GAPS-friendly treat that’s sure to become a favorite.

perfect soft boiled eggs from calm eats

How to Cook Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs

Here is a fool-proof way to cook perfect soft boiled eggs from Calm Eats. Seriously – they’re perfect every time!

egg and potato breakfast muffins from

Easy Egg & Potato Breakfast Muffins

Need an easy, grab-‘n-go breakfast? These grain-free easy egg & potato breakfast muffins from Raia’s Recipes are for you! They’re hand-held, grain-free, and Whole30!

potato avocado toast from the organic kitchen

Potato Avocado “Toast” with Poached Eggs

The “toast” in this potato avocado “toast” with poached eggs recipe from The Organic Kitchen is not bread, but a crispy hash brown patty, topped with mashed avocado and then a perfectly poached egg!



When it comes to smoothies and Whole30, fewer is better. And even though it sounds strange, chewing your smoothies is actually helpful for your digestion! Another good thing to keep in mind with Whole30 smoothies is to try and keep the amount of veggies in your smoothies higher than the amount of fruit. This will keep your sugars down and keep you filled longer.

I also suggest not making smoothies a whole meal, though they are great for on-the-go breakfasts!

Some of these smoothies suggest adding a little honey to help sweeten them. While added sweeteners is discouraged on the Whole30 diet, a little honey is ok. Just make sure to not overdo it, and if you can handle the smoothie without any added sweetener, don’t add any! The smoothies are actually delicious without honey, anyway.

carrot orange smoothie from

Carrot Orange Smoothie

This simple, allergy-friendly, plant-based carrot orange smoothie from Raia’s Recipes is a delicious and vitamin-packed way to start your day. Or use it to cool off during the summer heat!

apple blueberry lemon smoothie from watch learn eat

Apple Blueberry Lemon Smoothie

This refreshing apple blueberry lemon smoothie from Watch Learn Eat is not only incredibly easy to make, but it’s also vegan, gluten-free and has no added sugar. Paleo and Whole30-compliant too!

ginger banana kale smoothie from

Ginger, Banana & Kale Smoothie

Packed with nutrition and a simple, natural sweetness, this ginger, banana, and kale smoothie from Raia’s Recipes is going to become a favorite!

banana almond butter smoothie from watch learn eat

Banana Almond Butter Cacao Smoothie

This banana almond butter cacao smoothie from Watch Learn Eat is a nutritious and refreshing treat that hits the sweet spot without adding any sugar. This dairy-free smoothie recipe is also both vegan and paleo.

banana peach smoothie from

Anti-Inflammatory Banana Peach Smoothie

Easy and nutrient dense, this anti-inflammatory banana peach smoothie from Raia’s Recipes makes a delicious breakfast or snack! Naturally sweetened, it’s 100% paleo and GAPS-friendly.


delicious whole30 breakfasts (20+ recipes!)


Bonus! Whole30 Breakfast Drinks!

If you’re like me, you’re always gonna be wanting a nice, comforting drink after breakfast. Whether it’s a cold one in the summer, or a nice warming one in the winter, these are some good healthy options for Whole30 drinks! As with the smoothies, honey is optional as a sweetener. If you’re going to use it, make sure to only use a little.

homemade apple juice from

Homemade Apple Juice in the Blender

No more buying nutritionally worthless apple juice from the store, this homemade apple juice in the blender from Raia’s Recipes is easy peasy and packed with goodness!

golden milk iced coffee from

Golden Milk Iced Coffee

Full of anti-inflammatory benefits and nutrients your body needs, this Golden Milk Iced Coffee from Raia’s Recipes is a delicious way to enjoy two amazing drinks in one – golden milk and coffee!

very best matcha latte from

The Very Best Matcha Latte

High in nourishing, healing fats, rich in soothing flavors, this calming Matcha Latte from Eat Beautiful is everything a morning cup should be: healthful, delicious and … frankly, addictive. Not really, it’s just SO delicious and healthy that it’s habit-forming.

hot chocolate from calm eats

Hot Chocolate with Maca & Cinnamon

Enjoy a mug of hot chocolate while doing something good for yourself. This Hot Chocolate with Maca & Cinnamon from Calm Eats is low-carb, full of antioxidants, boosts energy levels, and improves mood.