Need a delicious, comforting adult-friendly drink? This easy hot buttered rum is it! It’s packed with delicious, nourishing ingredients (well, other than rum), and every one of them is real too. No fake flavorings here! I know you are all surprised…

Easy hot buttered rum.

This recipe did not come about of my own volition. Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of alcohol. The smell of beer makes me want to gag, and everything else just makes me sick. But my husband is happy to try new things and he begged me to make a hot buttered rum for him to try. Because holidays. Or something like that.

Even though I don’t really like alcohol, I am totally ok with a little rum flavoring my eggnog. And since I had some rum on hand (someone gave me a bottle for some reason), I decided to give a hot buttered rum a try.

And the husband rejoiced.

Actually, the kids rejoiced too, as I made some with rum flavoring for them to try.

mug of easy hot buttered rum

Real food ingredients.

Butter. For hot buttered rum you need butter. Shocking, I know. You can’t substitute coconut oil. Sorry. Well, unless you’re a fan of hot oiled rum, I guess. You could maybe get away with using ghee instead, but I haven’t tried that, so don’t yell at me if it doesn’t taste delicious.

Honey. I love the flavor honey gives this hot buttered rum. I’m sure you could use coconut sugar in the recipe instead, and maple syrup would be a fun substitution, too! Of course, I haven’t tried these, so beware…

Spices. The spiced in hot buttered rum are sorta chai flavored. Just no pepper. I make sure my spices are organic, and the best places to get them in my opinion is Azure Standard. All their products are top quality!

Cream. While it won’t make this drink dairy-free, due to the butter, you can use coconut cream instead of raw cream in this recipe. If you can’t find raw cream, organic whipping cream is a great substitute. Make sure you get a brand that doesn’t have a bunch of added ingredients. It should have cream. The end. Some will have a guar gum, and I’ll allow that for a treat.

Rum. Worried about the gluten-free-ness of this drink due tot the alcohol? Don’t be. Pure, distilled rum is naturally gluten-free. Seeing as it’s made from sugar canes, there’s no need for worry. Just be careful to buy a brand that doesn’t include and added flavors (not even if they’re “natural flavors!”). Those might not be safe for those with celiac!

Of course, for a kid-friendly, or alcohol-free version, you can use imitation rum. Keep an eye on the ingredients, to be safe!

two mugs of hot buttered rum

More comforting, warming drinks.

If you’re thinking that this easy hot buttered rum isn’t gonna be your thing, here are a few of my other delicious hot drinks. All perfect for warming you up and soothing your spirit! And of course, all completely gluten-free.

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Real Food Hot Buttered Rum

Free from grain, gluten, eggs, and refined sugar.



In a small saucepan, melt butter over low heat.

Whisk in honey, vanilla, spices, and salt until creamy.

Stir in remaining ingredients and heat through to desired temperature.

Makes about 2 big mugfuls.

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