If you’ve been around my blog at all, you’ll probably have noticed that I love Azure Standard. I have been purchasing the majority of my baking goods there for about 13 years now (both in Montana and in South Carolina). If you’re interested in learning more about this amazing food co-op, how to get involved, and a list of my favorite gluten-free Azure Standard products, read on!


All About Azure Standard.

Azure Standard began as a small organic farm in Oregon in the 1980s. Since then it has grown into a major natural health food distributor with an online shop front and shipping all over the continental US. With around 4,000 acres of land, they are able to grow and package many of their own products. This helps make it possible for them to deliver high-quality, non-GMO, and organic foods at a price that is unbeatable. They’re almost always more affordable than the other online options such as Vitacost, Thrive, and Amazon!

Azure flax seeds and cocoa powder

How do I order from Azure Standard?

Azure orders are placed online and picked up monthly from a “drop” in your area. You can plug your address in to the drop locator on Azure’s website and make sure there’s a drop nearby. They have drop locations in most of the United States, and will even ship products to places such as Alaska and Hawaii. Once you find a location near you, you’ll then need to make an account. This is completely free!

Now that you have an account, you can peruse Azure’s 12,000+ products and add the ones you want to your cart (just like any other online shopping). After you place your order, Azure will fill it and ship it out on the next truck to your area. Orders are due by a certain date each month and the drops happen monthly, as well (usually about 2 weeks after the order is due).

When the drop day arrives, you simply go to your drop location and pick up your order!

What kind of products does Azure carry?

To be honest, Azure carries just about everything you need to live a healthy life. Dry goods, in season produce, clean supplements, non-toxic cleaning products and beauty supplies, organic animal feeds, seeds and starter plants in the spring, feminine products and diapers, bedding, books and more!

Though I order a variety of products every month, here I’ve tried to compile a list of some of my favorite gluten-free Azure Standard products I’ve ordered over the years….

favorite gluten-free Azure Standard products

My Favorite Gluten-Free Azure Standard Products.

Just FYI, all the links in this list are affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to click through them and place your order, I just get a little commission for sharing them! Also, just for free, I’ll leave some links to my favorite recipes to make with the things I get from Azure. The inspiration is free of charge, as well!

Baking goods

Azure Market Organics cassava flour – Since starting to use cassava flour about a year ago, it’s quickly become my grain-free favorite! I use it for pancakes, brownies, and bars, as well as for thickening sauces and gravys.

Azure Market Organics fine ground almond meal – Almond meal (or flour) is great for waffles, muffins, and cookies.

Azure Market Organics tapioca starch – I use tapioca starch for most of my gluten-free baking, it’s good to mix with other gf flours like brown rice and sorghum and in things like muffins and pancakes.

Azure Market Organics milo sorghum flour – Sorghum is my favorite gluten-free flour (not grain-free). I use it for yummy pancakes, cakes, and gluten-free bread.

Azure Market Organics brown rice flour – Brown rice flour is great for crackers!

Azure Market Organics shredded coconut, medium shred – Coconut goes so well in so many things! I use it to make coconut milk, coconut flour, and everything from salmon to granola to desserts!

Azure Market Organics fair-trade cocoa powder – Of course, one of my favorite things ever. I can literally eat this cocoa powder all by itself! You simply cannot beat fair-trade organic cocoa powder for this price! It’s my favorite in homemade hot cocoa, brownies, cakes, and chocolate marshmallows.

Azure Market Organics pure raw carob powder – If you’ve never tried carob before, it’s kind-a like a caffeine-free chocolate, but a little sweeter. I grew up drinking in hot carob (like hot cocoa), and eating it in brownies. I also make carob chips (like chocolate chips) with it.

Azure Market cream of tartar – I use cream of tartar pretty exclusively for making homemade baking powder, but I have been known to put it in smoothies and adrenal cocktails for added potassium.

Honorable mention goes to Azure Market Organics rolled oats. These aren’t certified gluten-free (though my celiac dad eats them with no problem), but I don’t eat oats either way, sooo…. do what you want with that. Azure does have certified gluten-free oats too, though, so never fear! I make all my family’s granola with Azure’s rolled oats, as well as oatmeal, cookies, and waffles.

Spices and herbs

Azure Market Organics ginger root powder – My husband says I put too much ginger in anything I use it for, but I love it so much! Gingersnaps are my favorite way, but I also love it in my coffee, jello, smoothies, and soup!

Azure Market Saigon cinnamon – Azure’s cinnamon is so amazing. The smell is unbeatable and the taste is amazing! I use it in drinks, coffee cakes, and granola.

Azure Market Ceylon cinnamon sticks Instant Pot apple cider recipe– I love to use cinnamon sticks in homemade apple cider. I usually use my friend Emily’s .

Azure Market Italian seasoning – Of course, Italian seasoning can go on so many different dinner dishes, but I love to use it on my stuffed Italian meatballs and roasted brussels sprouts.

Maine Coast Sea Seasonings sea salt with organic sea veg shaker – I usually use this on rice or in my raw carrot salads.

Azure coconut oil and coconut


Azure Market Organics cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil – It’s good. Perfect for all the Italian things, greasing pans, salad dressings, etc. Not very cheap, but very good quality!

Azure Market Organics expeller-pressed coconut oil – I use Azure’s coconut oil for pretty much everything! It’s great in baking, in cooking, for greasing my cast iron pans, and for frying anything.

Azure Market Organics cold-pressed, refined avocado oil – My favorite thing to make with Azure avocado oil is homemade mayonnaise. It’s the only way to go. I have also been known to add it to my dairy-free ice creams. It helps make them not freeze to death!


Azure Market raw berry/wildflower honey – Azure’s honey is simply amazing. It has a deep, rich flavor, and it’s nice and thick. Bonus, when you’re done with the quart-size you have a nice canning jar left.

Azure Market Organics blackstrap molasses – I use molasses in my kids’ oatmeal, and also in gingerbread everything, and to just eat with a spoon if I’m needing a little iron.

Azure Market Organics grade-A dark maple syrup – Besides pancakes and waffles, I love to use Azure’s maple syrup for my turkey brine, in baked oatmeal, and in coffee!

Azure Market Organics coconut sugar – For about the past year, coconut sugar has been my go-to sweetener. I love the texture it adds to my brownies, and of course, not being refined or genetically modified in any way is a huge plus! Azure’s coconut sugar is so much more affordable than anywhere else, especially for that amazing quality.

Azure vanilla

Extracts & misc. liquids

Azure Market four-fold vanilla extract – This vanilla extract is so good, I have to ration it’s use in my house, otherwise my daughter would put it in everything. I do allow an extra dose in homemade vanilla ice cream!

Flavorganics Extract pure peppermint – Brownies, ice cream, cocoa…. I love using peppermint extract in all the normal ways.

Bragg’s liquid aminos – My family uses this in place of soy sauce on fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, and things like that. It is still a soy product, just FYI.

Azure Market Organics coconut aminos – I use coconut aminos in place of Bragg’s liquid aminos, since I can’t have soy. It’s still great on fried rice and on fish.

Azure Market Organics raw apple cider vinegar – Acv is a key ingredient in my copycat Chick-fil-A sauce, homemade mayonnaise, and one of my favorite nourishing drinks – switchel.

Dry/canned goods

I use beans pretty indiscriminately in making chili and bean soups, with the exception being that I only use navy beans for white chicken chili. Whenever I make beans, I always make sure to soak and sprout them first (I only ever use dried beans).

Azure Market Organics pinto beans

Azure Market small navy beans

Azure Market Organics kidney beans

Azure Market Organics black beans

Azure Market Organics red lentils – Basically the only way I can get my family to eat lentils is in cheesy stew. The end. Haha.

Azure Market Organics polenta corn grits– We live in the south. We eat grits. At least my family does. I can’t eat corn, but my family loooooves these grits more than any other brands I’ve tried. And there’s NO weird unnecessary ingredients like most brands, either. I don’t have a recipe on the blog for grits, but there’s one on the back of the bag. 

Azure Market Organics white quinoa – I love to make fried quinoa (like fried rice), and use quinoa in tacos and tuna salad.

Azure Market 100% beef gelatin – All the jellos! All the fruit snacks and gummies! All the marshmallows!

Azure Market non-GMO tapioca pearls – No recipe yet! Working on a boba tea!

Azure Market Organics flax seeds – I mostly use flax seeds to make my own flax meal for things like muffins, gluten-free bread, and porridge.

Azure Market Organics whole black chia seeds – Of course, the best for chia pudding! But I also love to add them to muffins, and make jam with them…

Safe Catch skipjack wild tuna steak Tuna salad– is about as far as I get with tuna. But why go further? It’s delicious.

St. Claire’s organic licorice and organic peppermint pastilles – Honestly, I don’t buy these. But my mom does, and I steal them from her whenever I get the chance. ‘Cause they’re delicious.


Azure Market Organics Thomson select raisins – I’m fairly certain that if Azure stopped selling these raisins my 11 year old daughter would die. They are literally her favorite thing ever. She puts them on everything. I put them in my Irish soda bread, charoset, and granola.

Azure Market Organics apple-juice infused dried cranberries – Yes. These are as amazing as they sound. I try hard to not just eat them by the handful.

Azure Husbandry organic juice apples – These apples are only sold in season, which makes them super affordable, even when compared to non-organic apples! My kids usually eat them raw, and I use any banged up ones to make apple juice or applesauce.

Azure Market Produce organic garlic – My daughter uses this as seed garlic for our garden. It’s amazing! I also use it for a natural antibiotic.

Azure Market Produce #2 organic carrots – Besides just eating with hummus, I use carrots to juice, make cake (of course), use as a pasta sub, and for carrot salad.

Azure Market Produce organic navel oranges – These oranges make the best juice! I only get these as a treat, ’cause they’re pricey, but bonus: I’ve also planted the seeds from them and grown my own little orange tree!

trace minerals

Supplements, etc.

I do get supplements from many places, but these ones are usually more affordable at Azure than anywhere else. I also do usually make my own toothpaste, but my family appreciates getting “store bought” tooth powder every now and again!

Trace Minerals ionic copper

Trace Minerals mega-mag

Trace Minerals ConcenTrace drops

Eco-Dent tooth powder refreshing anise

Eco-Dent tooth powder original mint

George’s aloe juice – Great for detoxing, sore throats, sore tummies, healing sunburn…

Azure Market Organics coconut MCT oil – I usually just stick this in iced coffees or smoothies.

Cleaning products

I have a really bad habit of reacting to just about any dish soap I’ve tried except Azure’s clean brand! My husband has bought just about every non-toxic dish soap out there in an attempt to get me to wash dishes, and this is the only one I can use without itching hands and tightening lungs. Azure’s brand also happens to de-grease better than most of the non-toxic brands we’ve tried, and my husband loves the dishwasher powder so much he uses it as a powder scrub for the stove-top and bathtub as well.

Azure Clean citrus dish soap

Azure Clean automatic dishwasher powder

Chicken feed

We don’t always buy the organic chicken feed, ’cause it can be quite pricey when you have a large flock, but we do always keep the oyster shells and sunflower seeds on hand for chicken supplements!

Scratch & Peck chicken and duck feed, soy and corn free

Azure Market oyster shells

Azure Market Organics black oil sunflower seeds in the shell