Easy to whip up, and tasty to serve, this keto Probiotic Blender Ranch Dressing is the perfect way to add nutrients to your salads or veggies!

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Warm weather eats.

Summer is almost here, and I am ready and raring to get all the warm weather foods in my belly. Smoothies, popsicles, ice cream, salad, I want it all! Even though my family isn’t the hugest fan of salads, I’m ok with forcing them to enjoy a bowl full of leafy greens every now and again. And they don’t mind so much if there’s homemade dressing on the side.

Back on the menu.

Even though salads and I have a mutual affection for each other, it hasn’t always been that way. Back in the day (say, high school) my lovely allergy test came back positive in the lettuce department. So salads weren’t a part of my life for a long time (I wasn’t much in to spinach or kale in those days). Thankfully the GAPS Diet changed all that for me.

After months and months on the Intro Diet, I decided to try adding in lettuce. My first salad was simple, just some organic romaine with a little olive oil and Himalayan salt sprinkled on top. But I was in heaven.

Since then, my salad menu has expanded. So has my dressing options…

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Probiotics = good bugs.

Though I have sadly realized my intolerance for any and all dairy products, this easy Probiotic Blender Ranch Dressing continues to be one of my family’s favorites. Not only does it literally only take about a minute to whip up, it’s full of probiotics and that delicious Ranch-ish flavor!

If you’re not quite sure what probiotics are, but you know they’re supposedly good for you, let me introduce you…

Probiotics are the  “good” bacteria in your foods that provide you with many health benefits when you eat them. They are living microorganisms (akin to the ones already living in your gut). These little good bugs help balance your body’s microbiome (the microorganisms that live inside you) by replenishing the good bacteria. This leads to improved digestion and immunity.

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Probiotic Blender Ranch Dressing

This easy Probiotic Blender Ranch Dressing is full of probiotics from sour cream (you can alternately use crème fraîche or yogurt) and milk kefir. Not all sour cream contains probiotics, so it’s important to use one that isn’t over processed and has a bunch of unnecessary ingredients. 

While you can purchase milk kefir from most health food stores, it’s actually super easy to make at home. I use these kefir grains (don’t worry, it’s not actually grain) from Cultures for Health. You can also use their starter and make your own sour cream or crème fraîche too! Please note that I haven’t tried those two cultures, though.

Easy to whip up, and tasty to serve, this keto Probiotic Blender Ranch Dressing is the perfect way to add nutrients to your salads or veggies! #glutenfree #keto #lowcarb #primal #GAPSdiet #probiotic #guthealth #salad #dressing #ranch

Salads and dressings.

If you’re on the lookout for more salads and dressings, here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

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Probiotic Blender Ranch

Free from grain, gluten, eggs, and sugar.



Put everything in a blender or small food processor. (I use a Blendtec and mini Kitchen Aid food chopper.)

Pulse to combine.

Store in a covered jar in the fridge.

Will stay good about a month.

Shake well before using.

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