With only 3 ingredients, these easy sweet potato oven fries are going to become a favorite in your kitchen really fast! And they’re perfect from paleo, Whole30, and even vegan lifestyles!

The new “potato” in our life.

When we first got married, my husband convinced me he didn’t like them. So I never bought them. Not once in the first 7 years of our marriage did I even try to make them.

But in the past five years the conditions have become prime: We now live in the South and sweet potatoes are cheaper here than they were in Montana. Year-round I can find humungous bags of sweet potatoes at Costco, or moderately sized bags at Aldi.

Plus I really like sweet potatoes.

Easy Sweet Potato Oven Fries #glutenfree #grainfree #paleo #whole30 #vegetarian #vegan #dairyfree #sidedish #fries #sweetpotato #realfoodA healthy tuber.

If you thought sweet potatoes were just a sweeter version of white potatoes, think again. They’re actually not even the same plant. That’s right, sweet potatoes aren’t really potatoes. They’re actually the tuber from a plant in the morning glory family. A fact which my hippy flower child daughter loves. Haha!

Sweet potatoes are one healthy food, too! They’re are full of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to properly function. Among these are vitamins A, B1, 2, 6  and C, plus manganese, copper, pantothenic acid. Sweet potatoes are also a good source of potassium, niacin, and phosphorus.

All great reasons to make something delicious out of these tubers!

Easy Sweet Potato Oven Fries 6Other Sweet Favorites.

Besides being nutritious and delicious on their own, sweet potatoes go quite well in a variety of dishes. Here are a few of my favorites:

Easy Sweet Potato Oven Fries 7Easy Sweet Potato Oven Fries.

Now, I’ve seen quite a few recipes for sweet potato fries floating around web, but they all seemed too complicated to me.

Bake on a rack, don’t let them touch each other, fry them in 375 degree oil. . . 


I’m too lazy er, busy for that!

So I basically make sweet potato fries the same way I make oven fries out of regular potatoes: Wash, chop, oil, salt, bake. The end.

Super tasty. Super easy.

Easy Sweet Potato Oven Fries 8Completely allergy-friendly.

Besides being super easy, these sweet potato oven fries have the added bonus of fitting in pretty much any diet type. They’re completely gluten and grain-free, vegetarian, paleo, whole30, and even vegan! They’re not very low-carb, though so that makes them not the best fit for anyone doing GAPS or keto. 

If you can do butter, these easy sweet potato oven fries are delicious slathered in melted ghee or butter for the cooking fat. But being all kinds of dairy-free, I love them with avocado oil. It doesn’t take away from the sweet potato taste like coconut or olive oil does.

With only 3 ingredients, these easy sweet potato oven fries are going to become a favorite in your kitchen really fast! And they're perfect from paleo, Whole30, and even vegan lifestyles! #glutenfree #grainfree #paleo #whole30 #vegetarian #vegan #dairyfree #sidedish #fries #sweetpotato #realfood

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Easy Sweet Potato Oven Fries

Free from grain, gluten, eggs, dairy, and sugar.



Preheat oven to 400.

If the oil/fat you’re using is solid, place it in a small bowl in the oven or over low heat to melt.

Scrub potatoes and cut into 4-5 inch chunks (depending on how long you want your fries to be). Cut each chunk into 1/4 inch slivers, then slice the slivers into sticks. Try to make all the sticks the same thickness, so they will cook evenly.

Place the sticks into a large bowl and add in the melted oil/fat and salt. Mix well with hands or a big spoon.

Spread onto a cookie sheet lined with silpat (I use these) or parchment.

Bake for 1/2 hour, or until desired doneness.

Quick tip:

Fries a little limp? You’re probably overcrowding them. Restrain yourself from piling your fries 3 inches deep so you can get more on the pan. 😉 Instead, opt for a bigger pan! I use these huge baking sheets for pretty much everything (large family life, yo), and I love them!

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