Easy and kid-friendly combine to make this spaghetti squash pizza casserole a win! It’s naturally grain-free and low in carbs, too!

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A day of sad discoveries.

I made a few horrible discoveries the other day after preparing a wonderful spaghetti squash dinner.

1 – Four out of six of my kids really do not like spaghetti squash.
2 – I very regularly undercook spaghetti squash. (Perhaps that’s why my kids don’t like it so much…)
3 – I think I’m intolerant to it. *huge sorrowful sigh*

As a result of these discoveries, I was left with quite a bit of leftover nearly cooked spaghetti squash after a dinner of listening to most of my kids complain.

Waste not want not.

Now, even though compassion is not my middle name, I don’t like to make it a habit of feeding my kids things they don’t like, no matter how healthy it is. But I also don’t like to throw away food. Especially when it is so good for them.

My solution: this spaghetti squash pizza casserole topped with enough sauce and cheese for the kids not to know it was really a squash they were eating. ‘Cause if you cover something with sauce and cheese and call it pizza my kids will eat it. 

Every single last bite of it. And then ask why I didn’t make more.

Sneaky mom win!

top shot of spaghetti squash pizza casserole from raiasrecipes.com

How to pre-bake spaghetti squash.

There are a couple ways you can bake your spaghetti squash. First is of course in the oven, which involves slicing the squash in half lengthwise, scooping out seeds, and baking cut-side down on a cookie sheet at 400 for 45-50 minutes before scraping into “noodles.”

You can also place the whole squash in a large stock pot, cover with water, and boil until fork-tender (about 1/2 hour), then cut in half lengthwise and cut/deseed/scrape.

I find it a lot easier to just use the Instant Pot. (I use the Instant Pot Duo 6 quart 7-in-1.) To do this, cut the squash in half lengthwise, deseed, and place on the trivet in the Instant Pot. Pour a cup of water in the bottom of the pot, cover with the lid, seal, and set the “+/-” to 7 minutes. Quick release the pressure and scrape out your noodles.

However you cook your squash, it will work for this recipe!

spaghetti squash pizza casserole from raiasrecipes.com

Spaghetti Squash Pizza Casserole

I’m sorta a plain-Jane cook, so I just stick my noodle-ized spaghetti squash in a 9×9 inch baking dish, top it with sauce and cheese, and bake. If you want to get fancy, feel free to top with pre-cooked meat, veggies, other cheeses besides mozzarella, etc. Don’t let me hold you back from being un-boring!

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Easy and kid-friendly combine to make this spaghetti squash pizza casserole a win! It's naturally grain-free and low in carbs, too! #primal #keto #lowcarb #spaghettisquash #pizza #casserole #maindish #dinner #kidfriendly #glutenfree

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Spaghetti Squash Pizza Casserole

Free from grain, gluten, dairy, and sugar.


  • pre-cooked spaghetti squash (I like to cook mine the Instant Pot)
  • pasta sauce (whatever kind you like)
  • mozzarella cheese

Optional Add-Ins

  • pre-cooked meat
  • chopped mushrooms
  • sliced olives
  • chopped veggies
  • Italian seasoning
  • parmesan cheese


Preheat the oven to 350.

Place pre-cooked squash in 9×9 inch baking dish (or a bigger one if you have a lot).

Stir in pasta sauce and add-ins (if using), then sprinkle with cheese(s).

Bake for about 30 minutes, or until cheese is nice and melty/bubbly and squash is thoroughly heated. If you want the cheese to be nice and crispy-browned, turn the oven up to broil for 3-5 minutes (watch it so it doesn’t burn!).


This is a recipe redo of my spaghetti squash pizza recipe. So if you were looking for that, this is it. 🙂 

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