This easy Instant Pot Eye of Round Roast is a great way to serve up a tasty meal with spending hours waiting on your roast. 

Instant Pot Eye of Round Roast 6 Main dish issues.

My whole life, main dishes have not been my thing. Since the GAPS diet, I’ve come to appreciate meat, but not as a kid! You could keep your turkey, chicken, beef, or pork. Gimme all the side dishes!

If you peruse my blog, you’ll notice that main dishes are still something I struggle with. More often than not I can be found serving my family a pot of mashed potatoes, some cabbage steaks, or a bowl full of coleslaw for dinner. Why spend hours making an amazing-looking main dish when it’s gone in 10 minutes?

I’ll just stick with the simple side dishes, thank you very much.

Instant Pot Eye of Round RoastInstant help.

Thankfully, for people like me, there’s the Instant Pot. While it does a great job of making side dishes easy (I’ll never cook beans any other way now!) it makes some killer easy main dishes, too!

Since taking the plunge to get an Instant Pot about a year ago, I’ve been able to serve up some pretty tasty meals to my family. Here are a few of their favorites:

Instant Pot Eye of Round Roast 5Easy Instant Pot Eye of Round Roast

Now, I admittedly don’t go out and buy roasts all that frequently. Or really ever. Usually my mom buys them when she visits. But regardless, whenever I have them I usually stick them in the Instant Pot (I use the Instant Pot Duo 6 quart 7-in-1), ’cause who really has three hours to cook a roast in the oven? Not me.

If you just want the roast, and not cooked veggies, you can stick the roast on the little Instant Pot trivet. I like to have veggies along with my meat, so I stick them in there, too. ‘Cause I don’t want to cook two things. 

This easy Instant Pot Eye of Round Roast is a great way to serve up a tasty meal with spending hours waiting on your roast. In the recipe card I’ve linked to some of the products from my affiliate partners that I like to use. Purchasing through these links won’t cost you anything extra. Thanks!

Easy Eye of Round Roast in the Instant Pot

Free from grain, gluten, eggs, dairy, and sugar.


  • 1 eye of round roast (about 2 1/2 pounds)
  • Himalayan salt
  • pepper
  • garlic powder
  • 2-3 T. oil (I use avocado oil, but you could use tallow or any other cooking fat you like)
  • 6 carrots, chopped in 2-3 inch chunks
  • 1 onion, chopped however you like them
  • 2-3 T. minced garlic
  • 1 c. water


About 1/2 hour before cooking the roast, take it out of the fridge so it can come to room temperature. Season the roast all over with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

When it’s room temperature, put the oil in the Instant Pot liner and press the sauté setting. (I use the Instant Pot Duo 6 quart 7-in-1.) Sear the roast on all sides, then deglaze the liner with the cup of water.

Turn off the Instant Pot and add veggies. Put the roast on top, fat side up. Put on the lid and seal the vent. Cook on manual for 25 minutes. Let sit 10 minutes before venting. Internal temperature should read around 145F (medium).


Waiting 10 minutes to vent the Instant Pot should produce a medium eye of round roast. While I haven’t tried it, if you want a medium rare roast, just quick releasing the pressure should work.

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