These Paleo Poopsicles are full of fun and nutrition. With only 4 simple ingredients they’re easy enough your kids can make them!

These Paleo Poopsicles are full of fun and nutrition. #paleo #popsicles #fudgesicles #chocolate #banana #healthytreat #healthysnack #glutenfree #dairyfree #fruit #gapsdiet

End of summer fun.

Even though it’s still blazing hot and humid in the south, summer is winding down. Thankfully. We’re ready to not need a shower after walking from the house to the car…

During the last dog days of the season, snack time is used to cool off and chill out. And one of my family’s favorite ways to achieve that (hubby included) is popsicles.

Some of our favorite popsicles are:

Paleo Poopsicles 3Boys will be boys.

While our go-to popsicles are always a hit, sometimes my kids ask me to change it up a bit. And if you’ve been around the blog at all, you’ll know that one of my favorite way to dress up pretty much anything is by making it chocolate.

Why should popsicles be any different?

My oldest son, it would seem, has inherited my love for chocolate. So when it came time to switch up the popsicle flavor, he begged and begged for chocolate.

“That way we can call them poopsicles!”

I should’ve known.

My husband happened to overhear the poopsicle request, and a few days later he brought home these poop emoji popsicle molds.

Paleo Poopsicles 7Paleo poopsicles.

To say my son was excited about having his poopsicles actually look like poop is an understatement. (Please tell me I’m not the only mom whose boy is like this!)

His sisters got right to work concocting a popsicle recipe that they would all enjoy.

While I would’ve probably used avocados, none of my kids are fond of those – even covered in chocolate – so they opted for bananas. With a little coconut milk, honey, and cocoa powder, these paleo poopsicles turned out to be an easy and delicious treat.

Paleo Poopsicles 1

Gluten-Free Kids in the Kitchen.

Yes, paleo poopsicles are a favorite in my house now. They’re so easy my kids make them by themselves. In fact, my kids make quite a few things by themselves in the kitchen. (Working myself out of a job there, and that’s ok with me!)

My oldest two daughters have compiled all their favorite recipes in an ebook, Gluten-Free Kids in the Kitchen. It’s full of fun and tasty gluten-free recipes that are easy enough for kids to make themselves, and healthy enough for moms to be ok with. Most of them have a dairy-free option, as well!



These Paleo Poopsicles are full of fun and nutrition. With only 4 simple ingredients they're easy enough your kids can make them! #paleo #popsicles #fudgesicles #chocolate #banana #healthytreat #healthysnack #glutenfree #dairyfree #fruit #gapsdiet

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Paleo Poopsicles (a.k.a. Fudgesicles)

Free of grain, gluten, eggs, dairy, and refined sugar.



Puree all the ingredients in a blender (I use a Blendtec and love it!).

Pour into popsicle molds. Here’s a link to the poopsicle ones, but you can use whatever kind you want.

Freeze until set.

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