With only three ingredients, and no fancy equipment required, you’re sure to enjoy this melt-in-your-mouth paleo Strawberry Granita!

3-Ingredient Strawberry Granita layout sideStrawberry season.

Through the fall and winter seasons, my family is happy to enjoy apples and other late-in-the-year fruits. But there is one thing that we all miss. When spring comes along we all start dreaming of strawberry season.

Strawberries are high in vitamins A and C, and manganese, which is needed for proper nervous system development and brain health. They also contain many amino acids and antioxidants, like flavonols, and quercetrin, helping your body fight inflammation and chronic disease development.

3-Ingredient Strawberry Granita profile topStrawberry granita.

If you happen to have fresh strawberries on hand (or even frozen ones), may I humbly suggest hiding them from your kids and saving them to make this delicious and easy strawberry granita? It’s the perfect dessert for the warmer months. Not only does it only contain three ingredients, it doesn’t require any fancy equipment, and the result is a melt-in-your-mouth amazing frozen treat!


With only three ingredients, and no fancy equipment required, you're sure to enjoy this melt-in-your-mouth paleo Strawberry Granita!If you’re looking for even more delicious fruity ways to use stay cool during the hot months? Here are a few other tasty and nutritious options for you!

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