New favorite breakfast alert! If you love coffee, chocolate, and not having to share muffins, this Personal Pan Paleo Mocha Muffin is for you.

Breakfast for one.

I love being a mom. It definitely wasn’t something I dreamed about growing up, but now that I have 5 crazy kids (plus one more allllmost here) I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else. Even when they steal my food.

There are days, though, that I just want to eat by myself. On those days, personal pan things get made, or stuff that my kids won’t want to taste – like pretty much anything with avocado or mushrooms in it. Out come my handy little corning wear dishes from my grandma’s estate, and into the oven goes a mom-treat, like this delicious Personal Pan Paleo Mocha Muffin.

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Mocha madness.

One of my favorite mom breakfast for those days when I refuse to share, is anything mocha related. Now, I’m admittedly not a coffee drinker, though I don’t really mind it. But putting it in things? Yes. please. I love adding it to treats, especially those mixed with cocoa or chocolate.

Mocha smoothies, mocha lattes, mocha chia pudding… these are things moms need. And kids don’t. They already have enough energy straight from the gate anyway!

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A healthy way to start.

Even though this muffin is 100% decadent and could pretty much be eaten as a dessert, it’s actually perfectly healthy for breakfast! There’s no grain, no dairy, no refined sugar. It’s basically just nuts, eggs, and honey, when you take a look.

Oh, and coffee… and cocoa… Can’t forget those! But if they’re organic and you don’t have an issue digesting them, they’re full of nutrients that mommas need, too. 😉 So go ahead, dig in to this beautiful little Personal Pan Paleo Mocha Muffin. And enjoy eating without sharing.

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Personal Pan Paleo Mocha Muffin

Free of grain, gluten, dairy, and refined sugar.



Preheat oven to 350. Grease 6-inch dish. (This is the dish I use, but a ramekin would work, too.)

Put wet ingredients in food processor (I use this one) and blend.

Dump in dry ingredients and blend again.

Pour into prepared dish and bake for 40 minutes.

Top with nut butter, shaved chocolate, and nuts, if desired.

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