This grain-free, honey-sweetened pumpkin pie is for all you pie lovers! If you were thinking you’ll miss out this season because you can’t do grains or refined sugar, think again…

Thinking you'll miss out this season because you can't do grains or refined sugar? This grain-free, honey-sweetened pumpkin pie is for you! #pumpkin #grainfree #pumpkinpie #primal #realfood #glutenfree

Nothing quite says fall like a pie.

While my husband would be happy to eat gluten-free deep dish apple pie every day of the week, my favorite fall-flavored pie has always been homemade pumpkin. There’s just something about the gooey, custardy filling and the perfect mix of my favorite spices that gets me every time.

grain-free pumpkin pie

Grain-free pumpkin pie.

Maybe you’re like I used to be, thinking homemade pie was way too much work. Homemade crust, fancy filling… Why not just buy one from the store? Don’t do it my friends, homemade is really not that hard. Especially this pie, my friends. One bowl for the crust, one blender for the filling – that’s all you need!

Want the recipe? Head on over to Intoxicated On Life, where I’m sharing the grain-free, honey-sweetened goodness!

Click Here for the Recipe!


grain-free pumpkin pie

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grain-free pumpkin pie