Celebrating Passover can be hard if you’re living a paleo lifestyle. If you’ve struggled finding paleo options for your seder, here are over 50 dishes for a delicious paleo Passover!

Favorite feast.

Out of all the Feasts in the year, Passover is by far my favorite. The history and redemption celebrated in it are so rich and beautiful. And then there’s the food… You really can’t go wrong with a leg of lamb, some charoset, and a little stack of mazto. 

Though I’ve always been gluten-free during our Passover seders (you can find a gf menu here), the past two years I’ve been grain-free too. So it seemed appropriate to share the delicious paleo dishes I’ve found with y’all! Whether you need a great entree, a paleo side, or a grain-free matzo recipe, I’ve got you covered.

So set the table, get your haggadah ready, and dig in!

Garlic & Herb Crusted Roast Beef with Red Wine Gravy from Allergy Free Alaska

Garlic & Herb Crusted Roast Beef with Red Wine Gravy from Allergy Free Alaska

Paleo Passover Entrees

Even though the traditional entree for any seder is lamb, when you’re in a pinch (or if you just don’t like or can’t afford lamb) chicken and turkey do just as well. And for those of you who are beef-lovers, there’s a few of those here, as well.

Cajun Slow-Cooked Whole Chicken – The sights, the smells, the oh so juicy texture, and the yummy delicious taste of this Cajun slow-cooked whole chicken from A Sprinkling of Cayenne makes it the perfect Passover dinner dish. The south Louisiana Cajun trinity of onions, green bell peppers, and celery – along with sweet potatoes – combine perfectly in this substantial meal-in-one that’s overflowing with flavor and texture.

Easy & Delicious Crock-Pot Beef – This recipe from Delicious Obsessions is seriously the easiest and most delicious crock pot beef ever. It is my go-to crock pot beef recipe because it guarantees that I will have a delicious dinner on the table with minimal effort on my part.

Easy Instant Pot Eye of Round Roast – This easy Instant Pot eye of round roast from Raia’s Recipes is a great way to serve up a tasty meal with spending hours waiting on your roast. 

Fall Apart Tender Short Ribs in the Instant Pot – No need to stress about prep with these easy and delicious fall-apart tender beef short ribs in the Instant Pot from Raia’s Recipes! Plus they’re Whole30, paleo, and GAPS-friendly, too.

Favorite Roast ChickenThis family favorite roast chicken from Raia’s Recipes is a simple go-to for dinner! It’s easy to make fit paleo, GAPS, keto, and Whole30 lifestyles.

Garlic & Herb Crusted Roast Beef with Red Wine Gravy – Juicy and tender bottom round roast encrusted with sea salt and herbs. This roast beef recipe from Allergy Free Alaska is a family favorite!

Favorite Roast Chicken from Raia's Recipes

Favorite Roast Chicken from Raia’s Recipes

Garlic & Rosemary Roast Beef and Veggies – This grass-fed garlic rosemary roast beef recipe from Delicious Obsessions is perfect for Passover dinner. It’s a classic meal that is filling and also makes great leftovers. 

Instant Pot Lamb & Squash Curry – Lamb and butternut squash curry from Prepare & Nourish made in the electric pressure cooker (Instant Pot) starts with tender grass-fed lamb, diced butternut squash, creamy coconut milk, and loads of curry flavor. Naturally paleo, whole30, and GAPS for optimal nutrition.

Jewish Brisket – This Jewish brisket recipe from Everyday Maven is a family recipe and is a Passover favorite! It’s gluten-free, paleo and Whole30 compatible!

Lamb & Kale Skillet Dinner – Sometimes, the best meals come from the least amount of ingredients. This delicious dish from Prepare & Nourish is one of those meals!

Louisiana Garlic Stuffed Roast Beef – This south Louisiana garlic stuffed beef roast from A Sprinkling of Cayenne is a customary go-to dish for comfort and company, and it makes a delicious Passover main.

Marinated Flank Steak with Roasted Veggies – The bright flavors of this marinated flank steak with roasted veggies from The Fit Blog are perfect for an easy, healthy, and delicious dish any time of the year! 

Rack of Lamb with Rosemary Mustard Glaze – This rack of lamb from the Heritage Cook, roasted with fresh herbs and presented with a succulent pan sauce is one of Passover’s most luxuriant offerings. Well worth the splurge!

Instant Pot Lamb & Squash Curry from Prepare & Nourish

Instant Pot Lamb & Squash Curry from Prepare & Nourish

Rosemary Roast in the Slow Cooker – Slow-cooker rosemary roast from Raia’s Recipes is an easy and delicious dinner for busy people. Just sit it in the slow-cooker with potatoes and carrots and go on your way!

Slow Roasted Shoulder of Lamb – This time of year is all about the Passover lamb and slow roasting it really shows it off at its best! Slow roasted lamb shoulder from Emma Eats and Explores is definitely a firm favorite in our household!

Savory Beef Short Ribs – Take your Passover dinner to the next level with this simple, yet stunning, savory beef short rib recipe from Gluten-Free Palate.

Slovak Roast Goose or Duck – The way Slovaks roast both goose and duck is very simple but rather ingenious, and this delicious recipe from Almost Bananas is a winner!

Slow-Cooker Pot Roast with Homemade Onion Soup Mix – Fall-apart-tender pot roast from The Rising Spoon is cooked in the crock-pot with root vegetables and homemade onion soup mix. This super easy recipe takes about 20 minutes to prep and can be made in as little as 4-5 hours on the high setting or 8-10 on low. Serve it with your favorite mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, or cauliflower for the best type of comfort food meal.

Spinach & Garlic Meatballs in the Instant PotEasy, delicious, and GAPS Intro Diet friendly, these spinach and garlic meatballs from Raia’s Recipes are sure to become a family favorite. And they have the added bonus of being made in the Instant Pot!

Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad from Wholesome Yum

Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad from Wholesome Yum


Though not really a part of the haggadah, the paleo Passover side dishes are important too! All these side are full of flavor and enough charisma to stand on their own.

3-Ingredient Cabbage SteaksThese 3-ingredient cabbage steaks from Raia’s Recipes are a perfect side dish for any meal. They’re quick and easy, and don’t require any special ingredients to make them delicious!

Cilantro Lime Cauli RiceEnjoy Mexican food for Passover with this quick and easy Chipotle-style cilantro lime cauli-rice from Raia’s Recipes! If you’re not into cilantro and lime, you can totally leave those off… 

Creamy Mushroom & Cauliflower Risotto – This cauliflower risotto recipe from Yummy Inspirations is an excellent veggie-friendly low carb dish to include in your paleo Passover meal.

Creamy Squash & Apple Soup – This easy and delicious paleo, low carb, and GAPS-friendly creamy squash and apple soup from Raia’s Recipes is a perfect blend of sweet and savory and a wonderful way to warm up if you’re celebrating Passover on a chilly day! 

Crockpot Whole Roasted Cauliflower This easy crockpot whole roasted cauliflower from Recipe This is a delicious vegetarian side dish everyone will enjoy.

Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad – This healthy cucumber avocado tomato salad from Wholesome Yum is made with fresh herbs and ready in 15 minutes!

Easy Sweet Potato Oven Fries – With only 3 ingredients, these easy sweet potato oven fries from Raia’s Recipes are going to become a favorite at your paleo Passover feast! And they’re perfect from Whole30 and vegan lifestyles, too!

Vegan Matzo Ball Soup from Strength & Sunshine

Vegan Matzo Ball Soup from Strength & Sunshine

Hard Boiled Eggs in the Instant Pot – Eggs are so nutritious and fun to eat. These five fun ways to make eggs in the Instant Pot from Dr. Karen S. Lee are perfect for your seder dish!

Healthy Maple Sweet Potato Casserole – Give this paleo, refined sugar-free healthy maple sweet potato casserole from Natural Fertility & Wellness a try for your Passover get-together!

Homemade Cider & Elderberry Cranberry Sauce – This real food, refined sugar-free homemade cider and elderberry cranberry sauce from Raia’s Recipes has quickly become a favorite holiday treat at my house! And it’s healthy…

Paleo Low-Carb Coleslaw – This sugar-free, paleo, low carb coleslaw recipe from Wholesome Yum needs just 5 ingredients. Creamy, delicious, and you can make it in 5 minutes.

Paleo Vegetable Kugel – Here’s a great healthy side dish from Kitchen of Youth that’s traditionally served for Passover, but it’s good enough for any time of the year! If you’re the kind of paleo that doesn’t eat white potatoes, you can sub white potato for turnips or sweet potato, if you want.

Quick & Simple Coleslaw – Looking for an easy and healthy side dish for your paleo Passover? Look no farther than this paleo, GAPS, Whole30 and vegan quick and simple coleslaw from Raia’s Recipes!

Turmeric Cauliflower Rice – This easy recipe from Yummy Inspirations is a delicious way to spice up your feast!

Vegan Matzo Ball Soup – You don’t have to skip the matzo soup if you’re paleo! This Passover classic from Strength & Sunshine is allergy-free and paleo with grain-free fluffy matzo balls (potato-based “potato kneidlach” dumplings) and a simple vegetable broth soup!

Paleo Tortillas with Coconut Flour from Wholesome Yum

Paleo Tortillas with Coconut Flour from Wholesome Yum

Paleo Matzo

Probably one of my favorite symbols in the seder is the afikomen. And every year I seriously stress over getting just the right matzo for it! Both these options are easy and delicious!

Easy, Homemade Grain-Free Mini Pizzas – Need a quick and simple swap for regular matzo? These easy homemade grain-free mini pizzas from Intoxicated On Life and Raia’s Recipes are what I usually make for my family! They’re paleo, keto, low-carb, and GAPS-friendly. I know, it’s a pizza recipe, but it seriously works great!

Grain-Free Matzo CrackersYou don’t have to be Jewish to love matzoh. This recipe for grain-free matzoh crackers from Real Food Forager will show you exactly how to make this amazing substitute!

Paleo Tortillas – With these paleo tortillas from Calm Eats, you don’t have to miss out on the matzo if you’re paleo or even Whole 30. A simple mix of cassava and coconut flours, water, apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and salt makes the perfect matzo for your paleo Passover!

Paleo Tortillas with Coconut Flour – If you’re looking for easy coconut flour matzos, try these paleo, low carb tortillas with coconut flour from Wholesome Yum. Just 3 ingredients in these keto paleo coconut wraps!

Celebrating Passover can be hard if you're living a paleo lifestyle. If you've struggled finding paleo options for your seder, here are over 50 dishes for a delicious Paleo Passover! #paleo #passover #pesach #traditional #seder #realfood #glutenfree #dairyfree #kosher #maindish #charoset #herbs #lamb #roast


I can still remember my oldest’s first seder. She was just barely a year old and was one of those babies who loved everything she ate. Out of everything on the seder plate, she chose the maror as her favorite! I can still see her, stuffing handfuls of it into her mouth while everyone at the table looked on in shocked disbelief!

Artichoke & Orange Bitters – This is a delicious bitter blend from Delicious Obsessions that can be taken 15 to 20 minutes before mealtime to help stimulate digestion. A spoonful of this is a great way to remember the tears and sorrow of the Israelites.

Dandelion Sauté – Yummy, and mildly bitter, this dandelion sauté from Studio Botanica is so good for you and easy to make!

Fennel Salad – Delicious and nutritious, this crunchy fennel salad from Studio Botanica is a wonderful addition to your seder table.

Nettle Gomae – Nettles are an amazing superfood, available in many of our gardens and backyards. This nettle recipe from Almost Bananas does up the edible weed Japanese-style, with a little soy sauce (make sure you get a paleo kind, like coconut aminos) and sesame seeds.

Raw Dandelion Salad – This salad from Studio Botanica is a delicious way to enjoy these highly nutritious and delicious spring greens! 

Sautéed Bitter Greens – Delicious and nutritious, this bitter greens from Studio Botanica help aid digestion, vibrant color to your meal, and are a great bitter addition to your paleo seder plate.

Honey Apple Charoset from Raia's Recipes

Honey Apple Charoset from Raia’s Recipes

Charoset & Chutneys

This is by far my kids’ favorite part of the seder. They could sit and eat the charoset and forget everything else. And I’m ok with that. 😉 

Apple Charoset – Apple charoset is a healthy side dish full of fruit and nuts that many people enjoy at a Seder. This chunky version from Real Food Deals is popular with kids and adults.

Beet Salad – This beet salad from GAPS Diet Journey is similar to potato salad, with a juicier flavor from the beets.

Cinnamon Apple Chutney – This cinnamon apple chutney from Raia’s Recipes is perfectly spiced and full of gut-nourishing properties. It’s an easy lacto-ferment for beginners, but delicious enough that the most seasoned fermenter will love it! It’s a great way to sneak in some extra nutrition to your paleo Passover seder.

Cranberry Walnut Chutney – Tart and sassy, this cranberry walnut chutney from Raia’s Recipes is an easy lacto-fermented condiment that will have you going back for seconds… and thirds.

Fermented Cranberry SauceThis chunky condiment from Eat Beautiful is not only one to make for your Passover table, but also one to eat from the moment cranberries appear to the moment they disappear from the markets. With maple, figs, citrus and cloves it’s great on sandwiches, with all meats, including salmon, and with salads!

Honey Apple Charoset – Whether you celebrate Passover or not, this honey apple charoset from Raia’s Recipes is an easy and delicious paleo treat that your whole family is sure to enjoy!

Elderberry Kefir from Raia's Recipes

Elderberry Kefir from Raia’s Recipes


Those these won’t all work to fill your kiddush cups, they’re tasty additions for your paleo Passover feast!

2-Ingredient Hibiscus Punch – This delicious hibiscus punch from Prepare & Nourish is simple enough to make with under 10 minutes from start to finish (not counting the brewing time).

Cranberry Apple SwitchelThis festive cranberry apple switchel from Raia’s Recipes is an easy and delicious ferment – perfect for keeping your body healthy during the holy days and throughout the year!

Elderberry Kefir – Sparkling and fizzy, elderberry kefir from Raia’s Recipes is a healthy healing probiotic drink packed with probiotics and the immune boosting vitamins of elderberries. Since it’s made with water kefir, it’s paleo and vegan, too!

Elderflower Champagne – Lightly sweet and deliciously fizzy, this homemade honey-sweetened elderflower champagne from Raia’s Recipes is a fun way to increase your summer nutrition.

Raspberry Beet Kvass from Eat Beautiful

Raspberry Beet Kvass from Eat Beautiful

Honey-Sweetened Cranberry Juice – Slightly tart, with hints of cinnamon, this honey-sweetened cranberry juice from Prepare & Nourish can be enjoyed hot as a cider or iced as juice. Made easily in the electric pressure cooker, it’s a festive addition to your seder gathering.

Blueberry Switchel – This easy ferment from Eat Beautiful is the perfect hydrating beverage for summer time, or after physical exertion. It’s SO refreshing, and it’s delicious: The combination of rich berries, flowery herbs, spicy ginger and a few other super foods will have you making this quick treat often this sunny season.

Mixed Berry Switchel – When you’re needing a cold refreshing drink this summer reach for this easy, anti-inflammatory mixed berry switchel from Raia’s Recipes! It’s paleo, GAPS-friendly, and refined sugar-free.

Raspberry Beet Kvass – This delicious kvass from Eat Beautiful is easy to make, high in nutrition from the “super-food” beets, and full of probiotics. Suitable for most real-food, ancestral diets, beet kvass is naturally paleo.

Spiced Apple Kombucha Kombucha has long been touted as a probiotic-rich healthy alternative to soda or sweet tea. This spiced apple kombucha from Intoxicated On Life and Raia’s Recipes packs the perfect apple-flavored punch! It’s a delicious way to fill your with body with much needed nutrients.

Strawberry-Beet Kvass – This beautiful drink from Eat Beautiful is super easy to make and full of probiotics! Strawberries sweeten the whole thing, making this beverage fruity and more loved by kids and more popular with everyone!

Chocolate Coconut Bars from Raia's Recipes

Chocolate Coconut Bars from Raia’s Recipes

Paleo Passover Desserts

Your haggadah has been read, your cups have been drunk, your afikomen has been redeemed, now on to paleo Passover desserts!

4-Ingredient Chocolate Caramel Truffles – These healthier truffles from Recipes to Nourish have the perfect, chewy, heavenly texture. They’re so easy to make, naturally sugar free, paleo, nut free, dairy free and have a vegan option.

Carrot Cake MacaroonsThese delicious and allergy-friendly vegan coconut macaroons from Jennifer Weinberg are simple to make, healthy and reminiscent of spring! Subtly sweet, moist and a little chewy, these cookies are the perfect treat to have on hand for Passover.

Cherry Almond Biscotti These gluten-free cherry almond biscotti from Everyday Maven are a paleo Mandelbrot recipe for Passover that the whole family will love!

Chocolate Coconut Bars – Easy and delicious, these paleo chocolate coconut bars from Raia’s Recipes are a hit wherever they’re served! With only a few real-food ingredients, you’ll be devouring them in no time.

Double Chocolate Flourless Chocolate Torte from Recipes to Nourish

Double Chocolate Flourless Chocolate Torte from Recipes to Nourish

Dark Chocolate & Walnut No-Bake CookiesThese dark chocolate coconut and walnut no-bake cookies from Raia’s Recipes might be a mouthful… but they’re a delicious one. And being 100% paleo and GAPS-friendly, they’re a healthy mouthful, too.

Double Chocolate Flourless Chocolate Torte – Looking for an easy, decadent chocolate dessert? You’re going to love this luscious, naturally sweetened torte from Recipes to Nourish!

Honey Walnut Apple CrispThis tasty treat from Raia’s Recipes is the perfect grain-free version of the all-time favorite dessert-for-breakfast comfort food. It’s easy, paleo, and GAPS-friendly, too!

Low Carb Chocolate TrufflesThese keto truffles from Yummy Inspirations are so incredibly easy to make and they taste so decadent and so richly chocolatey that you wouldn’t for a moment believe they are low carb!

Jam Filled Thumbprint Cookies – These allergy friendly, kid-approved thumbprint cookies from Delicious Obsessions will definitely be a hit at your seder!

Paleo Walnut Butter BlondiesOn a grain-free, refined-sugar free diet? No need to miss out on delicious treats! These paleo salted walnut butter blondies from Raia’s Recipes are the perfect way to get in your sweets without compromising your health.

Sesame Coconut Halva – Easy and packed with nutrition, this raw, paleo sesame coconut halva from Delicious Obsessions and Raia’s Recipes is a fun treat you’ll enjoy again and again!

Triple Chocolate Mousse ShootersDecadent and delicious, these triple chocolate mousse shooters from Raia’s Recipes are not only easy to whip up, they’re full of healthy, real food goodness!


Chag sameach, friends!