This creamy broccoli salad with cheddar and pepitas is full of nutritious and delicious ingredients that are sure to entice your taste-buds and win you over!

One-bowl creamy broccoli salad with cheddar & pepitas from Raia's Recipes.

One-Bowl Creamy Broccoli Salad

Broccoli. Even though I know broccoli is full of nutrients that my body needs, I’m not one to usually eat broccoli raw. In fact, a few years ago you wouldn’t find me eating it at all! Before going on the GAPS diet with my family, broccoli was on my excruciatingly long list of food intolerance, but post-GAPS I can handle it fine! And this creamy broccoli salad is one of my favorite ways to enjoy it!

Cheddar. Everything’s better with cheese, am I right? And broccoli salad is no exception. You can basically use whatever cheese you want for this recipe. Cheddar is the easiest on my stomach, so I use that. Colby-Jack goes well in it, and pepper jack would be fun, too! And of course, if you can’t handle cheese, you can leave it out. It will still be delicious.

Raisins. As one of my kids’ favorite snacks, raisins is something we always have on hand. I get my raisins from Azure Standard. Theirs are organic and have no added weird ingredients. Feel free to use whatever kind you like, though. Golden raisins or flame raisins would be a fun substitute!

Pepitas. These are a treat for my family! Again, Azure Standard has the best, but anything will work. If you’re not into eating raw seeds, feel free to leave them out. If you just don’t like pepitas, you can use sunflower seeds instead.

Mayonnaise. I only ever use my homemade mayonnaise for any recipe that calls for mayo. You can (of course) use whatever kind of mayo you like! Primal Kitchen is a good brand, and Whole , as well.

Sour cream. If you can’t do dairy, feel free just to substitute more mayo here. I do prefer this creamy broccoli salad with sour cream, though! It’s part of what puts the ‘cream’ in the ‘creamy.’ Nancy’s sour cream is a delicious and healthy option, or if you want something a little cheaper, Daisy brand is also pretty clean.

Honey. For just a little sweet to offset all the mayo and broccoli, honey is a perfect addition to this recipe! I love using Azure’s honey, but any kind will work. Well, maybe don’t try to use whipped honey or chocolate honey… For this, at least!

Creamy one-bowl broccoli salad with cheddar & pepitas.

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One-Bowl Creamy Broccoli Salad with Cheddar & Pepitas

Free from grain, gluten, eggs, and sugar.



Put all ingredients in a large bowl and mix to combine.

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