This festive Cranberry Walnut Cheese Ball combines the standard cream cheese and cheddar with a sweet tang from orange zest and dried cranberries. Rolling it in additional dried cranberries and walnuts gives the finished product a wonderfully tart crunch. 

This festive low-carb and keto-friendly Cranberry Walnut Cheese Ball is full of real-food flavor and sure to be a holiday favorite!

All the holiday treats.

As the holidays roll around, I begin to get excited about all the festive food that comes with the season. Of course I’m a fan of pumpkin pies, sweet potato casserole (without the marshmallows, please), and hot apple cider, who isn’t?

But when it comes to appetizers, there’s only one thing that fills my eyes. Cheese balls.

That’s right, they are the love of my appetizer life. Not that I have an appetizer life. Whatever that is. I just really like cheese balls. In fact, if I weren’t dairy-free, I’d probably just eat them for the main course and then go straight on to dessert.

cranberry walnut cheeseball

As healthy as possible.

Though there are endless delicious variations on cheese balls out there, I like to add as many health benefits as I can to every recipe I put together. Cranberries and walnuts are full of nutrition, plus they’re delicious, so why not add them into a cheese ball?

Here are a few favorite recipes I’ve put healthy twists on:

Wanna get your hands (or crackers) on this cranberry walnut cheese ball? Head on over to Intoxicated On Life and get yourself the delicious recipe!


What about you?

What’s your favorite appetizer? What’s your favorite dish with cranberries and walnuts? Here are a few of my favorite cranberry recipes…

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