This Easy Homemade Bug Spray is deet-free, non-toxic, and full of essential oils that smell wonderful and keep the bugs away!

Easy Homemade Bug Spray | RaiasRecipes.comSummer in the south means two things: ridiculous heat and ravenous bugs. My air conditioning unit has been working it’s rear off since the end of April, and even though it’s been in the upper 90’s/low 100’s for a week or two now, my kids still have to get their outside time in.

Since I shy away from chemicals that can be skin irritants and/or toxic, this bug spray has been a life-saver when my kids brave the heat outside. Since it’s made out of essential oils and other easily found ingredients, I feel safe spraying it all over them. And if they escape without a coating, my DIY Itch-Be-Gone Paste takes care of any bites or stings they return with. 

Though there are quite a few different essential oils you can use to beef up the bug repellent factor of this spray, I just use what I keep on hand – and it works great! My whole family has used it in our mosquito-infested backyard, and while camping in the woods.

Easy Homemade Bug Spray | RaiasRecipes.comAs you can see, I don’t stick to one brand of essential oils. Since I don’t have my family ingest them (whether you do or not is up to you – do your own research) I’m not particularly very picky. There are many out there you can choose from, and I recommend you use what you feel most comfortable with. 

Easy Homemade Bug Spray
Yields 12
Deet-free, non-toxic.
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  1. 20 drops clove essential oil
  2. 20 drops lavender essential oil
  3. 20 drops 4 thieves essential oil
  4. 10 drops melaleuca essential oil
  5. 3 T. vanilla extract, vodka, or witch hazel
  6. 2/3 c. water
  1. Pour all ingredients into a 12 or 16 oz. bottle.
  2. Store in spray bottle and store in a dark place.
  3. Shake before using. One application lasts a few hours.
  4. Re-apply as needed, especially after swimming, playing in the sprinkler, or sweating heavily.
  1. Beside the ones I used, some other essential oils bugs hate are...
  2. citronella
  3. lemongrass
  4. peppermint
  5. rosemary
  6. patchouli
  7. geranium
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For my high-class spray bottle, I used an old apple cider vinegar bottle (I like this kind). It’s best to use glass, since some essential oils can erode plastic. If you have a dark bottle, that’s also ideal, otherwise you can just store it in a dark place. The spray nozzle comes from a super cheap spray bottle I found in the kitchen section at Walmart (yep – I’m classy). It fits perfectly on my acv bottle!Easy Homemade Bug Spray |

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