Today I’m glad to introduce another gluten-free mom-blogger to you. From the first time I visited Sandi’s site, Fearless Dining, I knew I was in trouble. While the dining might be fearless, I’m afraid that her recipes are very dangerous… 😉

A Gluten-Free Interview :: Fearless Dining  |

2014 profile picI am so grateful to Raia for sharing my page and letting me introduce myself to you. My name is Sandi and I run the gluten free blog, Fearless Dining. We live in the California Bay Area.

We started our gluten free journey over five years ago. It all started with my husband, who was the first in our family to be diagnosed. Within two years of my husband being diagnosed gluten intolerant, our younger son started getting the classic stomach symptoms. We had both kids tested to find out if they were also having issues with gluten. Although both kids showed high levels of gluten intolerance, my daughter’s Cyrex Lab’s numbers were the highest the lab had ever seen. Our doctor encouraged me to get tested as well because she thought the intolerance must come from both parents. Even though I didn’t show any symptoms before going gluten free, my numbers were also high. Within a few months of going gluten free, I was able to go off all of my asthma medications. Now, if I accidentally ingest gluten, I am flat out sick with stomach pains and a migraine for two days. Since my diagnosis, my brother and his young son were also diagnosed.

I started my blog because I was tired of getting sick when I dined out. I didn’t know much about cross contamination. Most doctor’s offices just don’t give you much detail about how to live gluten free. I had no idea how dangerous cross contamination could be. I started to call around to Bay Area restaurants and asked lots of questions about how they handle gluten free orders, and if they even can adapt menu items. Within just a few months, I had built up a database of over 645 Bay Area restaurants’ safe gluten handling procedures. No other gluten free website does this. I have talked to every single restaurant in my database.

I am still struggling with how to expand my database to other cities. It is incredibly time consuming to call and question each restaurant. (If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to anything that may help me accomplish this.)

Is every restaurant good at managing cross contamination? No…and I will tell you what the restaurant does, or doesn’t do, so you can make an educated decision whether to dine at that restaurant. Many restaurants will work with the precautions you need taken, but you have to know what to ask for.

My most popular articles about cross contamination:

  1. The Top 10 Scary Things Restaurants Have Told Me – You won’t believe what I have been told. It is downright scary!
  2. The Top 6 Questions to Ask That Pizza Place Before You Order That Gluten Free Pizza – Pizza restaurants are difficult because flour is in the air. Know what to look for.
  3. The Top 7 Tips to Stay Safe In a Sushi Restaurant – It is possible to stay safe in a sushi restaurant if you know what precautions to ask for.
  4. Is There Gluten In That Glass of Wine? – This one really surprised me. Occasionally, there is a bottle of wine that makes me really sick…often after only half a glass. Now I know why!

I also love to create delicious gluten free recipes for everyone to enjoy. I love to use nut meals, coconut sugar and coconut oil to make my recipes healthier and lower glycemic.

Here are some of my favorite recipes:

squash cookie stack
Gluten Free Acorn Squash Cookies with White Chocolate and Caramel 
These are both healthy, and incredibly moist and delicious.

fig cake side

Gluten Free Turkish Fig and Yogurt Cake
This cake is light and delicious. It puffs way up when baking, then sinks back down. A great dessert for entertaining.

buckwheat vermicilli stir fry vert

Buckwheat Vermicelli and Tofu Stir Fry 
This is a wonderful dish that has a little bit of spice! Every ingredient is gluten free making this a quick and easy dinner. 

Stuffed Portobella

Vegetarian Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
Perfect for meatless Mondays this dish has just enough protein to keep you from getting hungry too quickly.

I hope you all have a chance to come visit my blog sometime soon. I invite you to follow along with me on my journey: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.

Don’t forget to check out Sandi’s interview with me over at her blog, and my interview with Nicole from Rolling Out Dough here.

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