An easy and delicious way to make a family favorite healthier, this Soaked Pizza Crust is naturally gluten-free and vegan!

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A family favorite.

In my family’s opinion, you can never eat too much pizza. We have been known to enjoy it many different ways: thick, thin, personal pan, whole wheat (I don’t enjoy this one!), grain-free… but this was my first attempt at a soaked crust.

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Why soaked?

All grains contain a certain amount of a little enzyme inhibitor call phytic acid. This basically makes it so that you can never fully digest the grains you eat, leaving them floating around in your gut, slowly tearing up your intestinal lining.

Sounds fun, right? Not so much. 

But after just 7 hours of soaking, the phytic acid in most grains is significantly reduced, making them more easily digested, as well as releasing more of the grain’s nutrients and upping its vitamin content.

So, in this family, we try to soak our grains as much as possible. Especially oats. They happen to be some of the hardest grains to digest! 

But enough about digestion. On to pizza!

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Soaked pizza crust.

Don’t let the “soaked” part of this recipe dissuade you, it’s honestly super simple. Just a few ingredients thrown into a bowl and left on the counter for about 8 hours. I have played around a little with the grains I recommend for this recipe, and the two listed in the recipe card are the ones that work the best. Other grains, like sorghum and rice tend to be more crumbly. But if you don’t mind that, go ahead and switch things up a bit.

I also use water kefir during the soaking process. This gives the dough a little boost and helps along the fermenting process. If you don’t have kefir (why not?), you can just use water and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

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More pizza goodness.

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An easy and delicious way to make a family favorite healthier, this Soaked Pizza Crust is naturally gluten-free and vegan! #pizza #glutenfree #vegan #yeastfree #fermentedfood #dinner #familyfavorite #healthyfood #pizzacrust #homemadepizza

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Place oats and buckwheat in blender and pulse until ground (skip this step if using flour). Pour into large ceramic or glass bowl (don’t use metal!) and add remaining ingredients except the baking soda. Cover with plastic wrap and set on the counter for at least 7 hours.

When the dough has sufficiently soaked, preheat oven to 425° and grease two cookie sheets or circular pizza pans.

Stir in the baking soda and scoop one half of the dough onto each prepared pan. Using plastic wrap or well greased hands, evenly spread dough to edges of the pans.

Top with desired sauces, toppings, cheeses (use this one for dairy-free!), etc., and bake for 12 minutes. Enjoy!


This recipe makes two thin pizza crusts. If you enjoy thicker crusted pizzas, you might want to make just 1 1/2 pizzas.

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