How to Chop an Onion Tear-Free

Don’t you just love chopping onions?

Yeah. . . me too. : )
After graduating from college I did my internship as a children’s camp cook in Siberia. (Don’t ask what that had to do with my major, I really don’t know.) While prepping meals for 80 plus Russian kiddos and their counselors, I was regularly chopping up to 10 onions at a time. Great opportunity for me to cry about how grossed out I was by the fish eyes in my soup, or how much I really didn’t like borsch, or how the thought of eating salted pig fat for a snack made me want to gag. . . .
Fun times. . . fun times.
Thankfully, the other camp cook showed me an easy trick to keep the tears away. Frequently (as in, once a minute, or more) rinse your knife off in really cold water.
Tear-Free Onion Chopping

Всё! Er, I mean, that’s all! How handy that and water we had on hand was just naturally really really really cold? Haha. 🙂

(Since living in the States, I normally just leave the kitchen faucet on cold the whole time I’m chopping, as opposed to having a pot/bucket of it nearby like I did in Russia.)

There you have it! The end to onion tears. 🙂

Happy chopping, people!

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