An easy sub for chocolate chips, these homemade carob chips are rich in minerals and vitamins and delicious in baking! Or just for snacking…

An easy sub for chocolate chips, these homemade carob chips are rich in minerals and vitamins and delicious in baking! Or just for snacking... #dairyfree #paleo #gapsdiet #realfood #glutenfree #vegetarian #coconutoil #refinedsugarfree #carob #carobchips

A tasty substitute.

Even though half my blog is probably dedicated to my love of all the chocolate things, I actually do love carob, too. Growing up, my mom never really bought chocolate chips (or chocolate anything), so carob was our go-to treat. I have fond memories of finding all the places she’d hide the carob chips from me and my brother and enjoying my mom’s delicious banana carob chip smoothies, or hot carob in the winters (in place of hot cocoa).

If you’re not all up on what carob is, it’s a little fruit that grows in a pod, like peas and other legumes. Carob is high in many vitamins and minerals, like calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin K, riboflavin, and vitamin E, and also contains antioxidants. It’s used around the world as a chocolate substitute, as it has a similarly sweet taste, but lacks the caffeine. 

4-Ingredient Homemade Carob Chips #dairyfree #paleo #gapsdiet #realfood #glutenfree #vegetarian #coconutoil #refinedsugarfree #carob #carobchips

Necessity is the mother of invention.

The recipe for these easy homemade carob chips actually came out of necessity. I’d been wanting to try my hand at making my own carob chips for a while, and I finally got my chance when I used up the last of my chocolate chips.

At the time I was pregnant with baby #4, and as all you moms know, being pregnant in a house without chocolate is not a good thing. Though knowing me it probably wouldn’t be a good thing even if I weren’t pregnant.

I chose to make carob chips instead of chocolate because, for some weird reason, organic roasted carob was cheaper to get than cocoa powder, thus I have a ton of it. (Not literally, of course.)

carob chips 1

Homemade carob chips.

Anyway, these carob chips were SUPER easy to make and taste wonderful. I’ve used them in brownies, cookies (recipe coming soon, hopefully), and currently I’m just eating them by the handful.

They’re made with simple ingredients, and can be as sweet as you want by adding more honey. You could also use butter to make them, if you can handle dairy. I can’t, so coconut oil it is!

Fudgy and healthy, these Banana Walnut Carob Brownies are a delicious paleo treat even chocolate-lovers will enjoy!

More carob-y goodness.

Here are a few more delicious recipes with carob in them. You can pretty much sub carob or carob chips for any recipe using cocoa or chocolate chips, though. 🙂

In the recipe card I’ve linked to some of the products from my affiliate partners that I like to use. Purchasing through these links won’t cost you anything extra. Thanks!

Homemade Carob Chips

Free from grain, gluten, eggs, dairy, and refined sugar.



Line an 8×8 inch baking dish with foil or use a silicone loaf pan.

In a small saucepan, melt coconut oil.

Add in remaining ingredients and quickly stir until smooth.

Pour into pan and smooth top with a spatula or spoon.

Freeze until hardened.

Remove from pan, cut into chunks and eat store covered in the fridge until ready to use.


Other than the links attached above, I also like to purchase my coconut oil, carob powder, and vanilla from Azure Standard. 

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Homemade Carob Chips