Need a delicious and healthy breakfast? This paleo, vegan Cinnamon Peanut Butter Smoothie is a winner every time!

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All the smoothies.

If you search my site for smoothies, you’ll quickly realize that I’m of the opinion that one can never have too many smoothie recipes. The various combinations of fruits, nut butter, veggies, milks, juices, spices, et cetera make for endless options!

In this household, some of our smoothie staples are bananas, nut butter, and homemade coconut milk. Add in some cinnamon, chia seeds, and applesauce, and you have a winner!

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It’s always smoothie season.

Living in the south, there’s no reason for me to give up my smoothie addiction in the winter, either. You can regularly find me feeding my family a smoothie for breakfast, lunch, OR dinner year ’round.

And my crazy family doesn’t complain. My kids wrap themselves up in blankets at the kitchen table and happily drink their smoothies. Haha!

If you’re a fellow smoothie addict, you’ll probably enjoy this cinnamon peanut butter smoothie. It’s an easy tweak on one of our family staple smoothies, and adding in the cinnamon gives a nice subtle warmth to the smoothie.

Here are some of our other favorite smoothies, if you’re on the lookout for new recipes:

Cinnamon Nut Butter Smoothie profile topEasy peasy.

Like all my other smoothies, I go for easy in this one, too. Just a few simple ingredients that every real foodie will have on hand, a blender, and boom! Smoothie heaven.

And easy breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack awaits! And if you can’t finish it off, pour it into popsicle holders and freeze for a treat later on. 😉

Need a delicious and healthy breakfast? This paleo, vegan Cinnamon Nut Butter Smoothie is a winner every time!

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Cinnamon Peanut Butter Smoothie

Free from grain, gluten, eggs, dairy and sugar.



Combine all ingredients in blender (I use this one) and blend on high until smooth.

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