Homemade Powdered Sugar by Raia's Recipes

I started making my own powdered sugar last year, when I didn’t feel like going to Walmart to buy any.

Who knew it was sooooo easy?

I haven’t bought it since (not that I really need to, I hardly ever use it).

Even if the main ingredient is still a whole bunch of sugar, at least I can choose what kind of sugar it is and cut down on the processing and other ingredients. : )

Homemade Powdered Sugar by Raia's Recipes

I assume the companies that mass produce powdered sugar use the cheapest and most processed stuff available. So remember, if you don’t use that kind of sugar, it will make your powdered sugar taste a tad different than the cheap stuff from Walmart.

Not a bad different, just a different different. : )

{Homemade Powdered Sugar}
Gluten, egg & dairy free.

1 c. organic cane, coconut, or palm sugar
1 T. cornstarch or arrowroot powder

Place sugar in blender or food processor. Add cornstarch on top. Whirl on high for about a minute, or until sugar is powdered. The end. (One cup of sugar makes about 1 1/4 cups powdered sugar.)