Homemade Vanilla by Raia's Recipes
Making vanilla is make at home is very easy, and can even save you money. I started making it a couple years ago and haven’t gone back since!
Homemade Vanilla by Raia's Recipes
Unless you buy your vanilla from somewhere in Central or South America, I would say the taste and quality of homemade vanilla outshines any you would buy in the store. 
Homemade Vanilla
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  1. 3-4 vanilla pods
  2. 12 oz. vodka
  1. Slice the vanilla pods down the center, revealing the beans.
  2. Place in an old salad dressing bottle (or something like that) and pour in vodka.
  3. Screw the lid on tight and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds, until the vodka is speckled with vanilla bean flecks.
  4. Store in a dark cupboard for about 6 weeks, shaking vigorously every two or three days.
  5. When bottle is half empty from use, refill with vodka and continue as before. I usually don't refill mine more than twice, as each refill weakens the vanilla.
  1. Please remember that some vodka is made with wheat, so be sure to check the label!
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