My son had very sensitive skin and breaks out in a rash whenever we used even the most “hypo-allergenic” store bought wipes.

Homemade Baby Wipes by Raia's Recipes

Not only are they simple to make, they’re good for a tender baby-bum.  ; )

Homemade Baby Wipes by Raia's Recipes

If you’re not in to using paper towels, you can just whip up the liquid and use regular baby washcloths instead.

{Homemade Baby Wipes}

1 T. pure Castile soap
1 T. apricot essential oil* (I used this kind)
1 1/2 c. warm water
1 roll Brawny paper towels, cut in half width-wise**
1 2.4 liter container with cover (or larger)
hand saw or large serrated knife

In a two-cup or larger liquid measuring cup, combine ingredients. Saw paper towels in half or cut with a very sharp serrated knife. Place one half of the paper towels in your wipes container and pour soap mixture over paper towels. Cover and tear off as needed. Voila!

*Other essential oils can be used instead of apricot, I just like that one. (I wouldn’t recommend peppermint though, it can burn.)

**Brawny is a good brand of paper towel to use, other brands seem to melt when left in the soap mixture.